travelling while pregnant

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pinkpearl Posts: 16
Hi There Just got a BFP, and am in total shock (not planned). I have plans made to travel for 7 weeks during the summer and this will include a few long flights. Will this still be possible? What about check ups? Can anyone help? Thanks
lovebug997 Posts: 4034
Hey Pinkpearl I didn't want to read and not reply! My BFP was also totally out of the blue! It takes a while to let it sink in! Am almost 14weeks now and still not sure I believe it! Have had no sickness or anything! Depending on when you are travelling you'll be about 4 months pregnant is this right? I asked my doctor about flying and he told me it's perfectly ok to fly. On a long haul flight make sure you get up and walk around often to help circulation. When you are pregnant you are at a greater risk of DVT. Your doctor might advise you to wear a pair of flight socks! Where are you travelling to? I don't know about getting vaccinations and things like that! Best bet would be to talk to your doctor and tell him about your plans! See what he/she says! Congratulations by the way! Hope it goes well for you!
venusflower Posts: 73
Hi PinkPearl Just to let you know that I travelled all the time during my Pregnancy. Am currently 30 wks and am off to US next week and Spain the wk after and to date have had no problems tg. As bride-2b said you should check out vacinations with your Doc but you should be ok. I am taking aspirin next wk for long haul but taking nothing for other trips in europe.. (travel most wks) but hopefully it will be fine Good luck with the travels
pinkpearl Posts: 16
Hi Guys Thanks so much for the replies. Not travelling anywhere too exotic so i don't think i will need vaccinations( new zealand and US). But will be away for 7weeks, so i dont know what to do about check ups when gone. Anyway, going to doctor next week and hopefully will get the all clear. Thanks again and hope ye are doing well. Pinkpearl