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bibsy11 Posts: 125
Hi Girls, what treatments are ye planning on getting done and how far in advance of your wedding are ye starting these??
MrsBraxton Posts: 4662
I get facials every so often (as I can afford or if i've gotten vouchers for my bday or Xmas!!) so got a few coming up to the wedding. Was talking to the beautician one day a few months before the wedding and asking her was there anything specific I should be doing. She said that as my skin is good I just needed to keep up the facials but she said anyone with problem skin needs to start as early as possible to give skin the best possible chance of being good on the day. Another thing I booked for myself a few weeks before wedding was a massage. Was joking when I booked it that I'd be stressed and would need a massage (was using it as an excuse to book it) but when the time came I was soooo glad I had booked it. Was so busy doing wedding stuff I really enjoyed the relaxation and pampering and just switching off from the whole thing! As regards manicures again depends on your skin, if you've dry hands etc. I never get manicures but would exfoliate my hands every so often and use a good hand cream. If you're thinking of a pedicure I'd personally recommend going to a chiropodist instead and getting them to do a good job on your feet! They take all the hard skin off and cut nails properly etc and then for wedding you can get them painted or whatever you wanted to do. And if you've health insurance you can claim back on chiropodist visit!