Treatments for Stretchmarks

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bride. Posts: 3014
I have come to realise that no amount of oils and creams will prevent the dreaded stretchmarks but is there anything that can be used once they arrive or are they just something to get used to? I haven't seen treatments in spas or anything and mine are so bad I will need to do something. There isn't even plastic surgery for them is there? Has anyone any tips for getting rid of them after pregnancy?
baby peanut Posts: 810
I think they look a lot worse when they appear, mine faded after DD and to be honest after a year or so they weren't very visible. This time I used buckets of bio oil, but it didn't make a lot of difference, the old scars are still there and there are a few new ones. The new ones are red and the old ones are still hardly visible. Try not to worry about them, they'll fade with time and if you feel they're really dreadful a year or two later get DH to pay for a tummy tuck :o0 It's the least he can do :o0
Hot Mama Posts: 206
My poor tummy is destroyed with them, at first i panicked like mad, but i am after trying so many lotions and potions that i have just learned to embrace them now and look at them as a wonderful sign that babs is growing inside me !!! They will fade after birth, and plus i can only see them when i look in the mirror - bump in the way !!
MrsK07 Posts: 454
I have starting using silcocks base and find it very moisturising. I use it as a wash on my bump, tops of thighs, sides and lower back. It is supposed to moisturise and lock in the skins natural moisture as well. I also use bio oil if i'm in bed and forget to use the silcocks base. Worth a try and its only €4.00 for a tub. I can see all my old stretch marks reappearing already but they are only like white lines. They don't seem so obvious since i started using the silcocks base.
Anonymous Posts: 24542
BIO Oil is very very good. My H2B was in a bad accident a few years back and he had some very bad burns on his back - once they had healed enough we used to put Bio Oil into his bath to help with the scarring and I have to say it really did do wonders
silíní Posts: 4219
I didnt get stretch marks on my tummy at all, not even one! But i got them on my boobs!! SOOO annoying