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wedding2be Posts: 4
Hi [b:3ifedfo3]Guys and Girls [/b:3ifedfo3]this is my first post and I'm wondering could anyone help me.. I'm looking to see if I can hire is Large Tree's Plants my room where I'm having my reception in is very large and I'm looking for something to bring it in a little... [b:3ifedfo3]If anyone cant help me with this or even has any suggestions on this it would be a great help...[/b:3ifedfo3] Thanks
OrTees Posts: 907
My old workplace used a company called Plantlife to lease large plants for the office- might be worth giving them a call. Just to add... Don't make the mistake I once did, when asked to source office plants, of looking up 'plant hire' in the yellow pages- they guy on the other end of the phone got a great laugh :-8
wedding2be Posts: 4
Thanks OrTees I just googled there website there to see and they do rentals fingers crossed its not gonna be a fortune...
Guccigoo Posts: 104
we went to Plant life too, Sam was very helpful and has done alot of venues. the cost will depend on the what you bit and how many trees.