Trees for driveway??

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happycamper2 Posts: 452
We are building and I wanted to plant some trees down our driveway now so that they will be a bit bigger by the time we move in. Our driveway is 200meters long and we have a ranch rail on one side and hedge/ditch on the other. I want to go with one tree the whole way down but not sure what to go with. Don't want huge trees something may u 5-8 meters tall. If anybody has any suggestions they are greatly welcomed..
McDaisy Posts: 917
We are trying to come up with a tree plan for a similar driveway except that we have stud rail both sides. We have had lots of different suggestions from different nurseries! I would advise going to a specialist tree nursery. It depends on what you want in terms of shape, colour and of course size. We are happy to have quite a large size (10-15m) and want some nice colour, so liquid amber is one possibility Im considering. Evergreen oak also looks like a good option for us. Lime trees are the classic driveway tree but can get quite large. Silver or golden birch are lovely and smaller in size. Cherry blossom is fab too, but DH wont go for it with the mess of dropping blossom in Spring!
happycamper2 Posts: 452
Thanks for replying mc daisy, we actually bought them today. We went with an average paranoid, they are good and turn amazing colours during autumn, we got an amazing deal off a wholesalers, the place was huge we visited. I would definitely recommend. Good luck choosing:-)
McDaisy Posts: 917
Thanks happycamper- but I think the tree name is a typo? (otherwise I have no idea what an average paranoid is !! ) Id love to hear where you went as we havent committed to buying anywhere yet! Can you pm me?
Noisin Posts: 448
[list:32otdy6t][/list:u:32otdy6t] Happycamper2 could you pm the name of the wholesaler and name of the tree. I'm in the same position at minute, trying to pick trees to plant