Trial is tonite. Fingers crossed!

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molarkey Posts: 19
I have my trial for hair and makeup tonite. I am v excited. Any advice on what to do? I washed my hair last night so it wouldn't be too fly away for an upstyle. Any questions you should ask? :wv
bibsy11 Posts: 125
Hi Molarkey, hope the trials go well.. are you puttin on tan before your make up trial? i am having a trial soon and am wondering should i get my tan done that im thinking of using for the wedding./. also, take a photgraph of your make up, sometimes certain foundations can turn out white in photos! but may not look white in reality!
molarkey Posts: 19
No I'm not having tan done for the wedding (im very pale so I would look strange) Will prob just put some shimmer on or something like that.
Elban26 Posts: 2458
How did the trials go?
molarkey Posts: 19
I'm not sure. My mam and my friend said I looked great. Ended getting all my hair up. I was planning to get it half and half but changed my mind. I want to look at the pics again to make sure!!