Trials for Bridesmaid?

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halloweenbride Posts: 283
Hi Ladies, Just quick question- when you go for your hair and make up trials, do the bm's get trials done too??
Momof2 Posts: 3884
My sister came for her hair trial when I had mine and we both had our make up done togther I enjoyed it having her there- I paid for her hair and she paid for her own make up!
newmammy2011 Posts: 1255
I plan when I get my trials done that bridesmaids will also get them done too the hair and makeup. Not only will it add to the experience but we can have a fun day out too :o)ll
Mammy rigomad Posts: 958
I just had the girls get a hair trail done!I was glad i did as they all had a different style plus my friend who did our hair wanted to get them to have one so she knew what she would be doing on the day!
LM24 Posts: 932
My BMs are having a hair trial, not sure about the makeup, I may do that on my own.
BiaBlasta Posts: 1002
I'll prob have them get a hair trial with me but I'm thinking of just getting makeup done myself.
May09Bride Posts: 1050
hair trial together sounds nice but I have to say i dont think I would be willing to pay the extra to have their make up and hair trials sone
LAdancer Posts: 445
Well one of my BM is a hairdresser and she's offered to do hair trails instead of going to the expense of getting them done for everyone. Anytime I was a BM I never got a hair or make up trail I just showed up on the day and went with what the bride wanted (although I did state not to have my hair took away completly from the front of my face as I'm paranoid about my forehead). I'm trying not to add extra expense as its shocking how much this wedding is gonna cost x
tootsy Posts: 779
your def better of getting hair trials for bm's aswell, wouldn't worry bout the make-up though
outdoorgirl Posts: 610
If you think it might be too costly to pay for BM's trial it would be a good help if you've pictures from magazines/photo of what style you'd like for them. You can show these pictures to the BMs beforehad to see if they're happy with it and to the hairdresser at your trial.