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bizarre bride Posts: 234
Hey Wollies, A quick question for anyone that can help me. I would like to have my photos taken at Trim Castle on my wedding day. Would any of you know if I need permission or can I just rock on in there on the day? I tried to phone today but the office must close on a saturday. If I remember I will phone monday but in the meantime I thought I might get an answer here. :thnk
dmcphotography Posts: 1365
Hi bizarre bride, You only need permission if you want to have photographs taken inside the gate of Trim Castle, you will also have to pay a fee to the OPW and your photographer will probably be asked to produce his or her insurance before you can go through the gate. However the good news is that most of the best views of the castle are from outside the walls and your photographer will probably be aware of this. If you want to see a selection of wedding photographs featuring Trim Castle from different angles in the background and get inspiration for your own photographs feel free to log onto my website and check out the links to Trim Castle Hotel and Knightsbrook Hotel in the Venue Gallery on the website. If possible you should try to get your photographer to take some night time shots of you and your new husband with the castle all lit up in the background. You can see some examples of this in the galleries I mention above. I always offer this type of shot to any couples whose wedding I photograph in Trim. I hope you find this info useful. David [email protected]
leonardphotography Posts: 133
Hi There, Yes, I agree - best spots for photos are on the outside as David suggests. My advice would be not to bother heading inside for photos as you'll get better shots outside !! Saves paying the fee and also worth mentiong is that the OPW also has a limit on the number of people you can bring inside anyway so if you have big numbers of people for family shots etc it's not suitable. Best of luck with it. take care,
KevinMorrisPhotography Posts: 266
Hi, I would agree with what David & Philip say - keep outside, less hassle & probably better pics. However, if you have the time, why not head 10 mins up the road to Bective Abbey ? This is a stunning old Abbey, and just recently has been "improved" with a car park and a nice pathway leading up to the ruins. Plenty of scope both inside & outside the Abbey, no permission needed for photos and no charge, and, probably less tourists !! I was there on Friday and we (the wedding party) had the place to ourselves. I have a few pics of the Abbey on a blog I popped up yesterday - feel free to have a look. Rgds Kevin
bizarre bride Posts: 234
Thanks guys. I had forgotten about bective abbey. Lovely photos from there kevin. Trim has alot of childhood memories for me so I definitley want some photos around the castle or even bective abbey. Going to have a walk around tomorrow. Thanks again for all the replies. Much appreciated.