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Shinney Posts: 266
Hey all, me again still tearing my hair out. Just looking for advice on the above two places, The Darnley, more cosy and intimate, Trim Castle, WOW Factor BUT 1500 - 2000 dearer for 140 guests. Anyone have experience of either. Have to see another 2 but i think it'll be down to these two places. Thanks in advance, :-8
mrswildrogue Posts: 1739
Was at family wedding in Trim Castle Hotel last year and it was fabulous. Food and service was great and hotel itself was top notch. But then it all comes down to budget :o(
kazz Posts: 143
Hi Shinney I'm having mine in Trim. I was like you torn between the 2 was getting the best deal from the darnley. The only reason we didn't go with it was the bedrooms theres only 14 and we wanted to have everyone together and have Trim Castle near booked out for 3 nights. Have to say darnley does a fab job, food is great. Good Luck with your choice.
jmeath Posts: 5740
We've booked the Old Darnley for 2010, we've been down loads for dinner and can never complain. They are just brill. I love them. I thought id go for something along the lines of Trim Castle, big, bright, modern but the Old Darnley just did it for me (total opposite of my usual). We were at a friends wedding a few weeks ago in Trim castle and there were a few things that didnt impress me with their service... We were table 12 of bout 18 and when everyone was finished their starters and their plates were being taken away we hadn't even got ours.... There was supposed to be 5 bottles of wine per table, 3 of us got a glass each at our table (had to ask for more and we only got 1 more each) Bride + groom had already paid for it They tried to shut the bar at 12:30 and bride and groom had paid for an extension until 1:30...musica was over at 1:30... Special wedding rate was dearer than price online At the Old Darnley we were told music until about until bout the same time....dont have to pay for abr extension, we'll have the whole hotel to just the wedding
rocco27 Posts: 24
We're getting married in Trim Castle in Feb 09. I really love the place plus i feel iam getting a bargain they have special bronze/silver/gold package depending on your budget. I really felt having shopped around its good value for money. Plus its only built 2 yrs now so its still new, fab views!! But I will be advising guests to book rooms on-line I hear the prices are by far better on line.