Triplet or twin question

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pipn lucy Posts: 330
Hi, Im 22 weeks pregnant with triplet girls. Im just wondering if anyone who had twins or triplets experienced pain in one side when walking, mainly round the shops etc. Im not huge or anything and Im fine at home etc seems to be just when Im out and about. Thanks a mill xx
baby-bel Posts: 929
Hi Pipn lucy, Cant advise ya as Ive only one baby in there but just wanted to say welcome back to Wol as you havent been on in ages. Hope your morning sickness has passed now and everything is going well for you. It could be a stitch wheen you are walking around or Im sure with 3 babies in there that theres lots of stretching.
sinion Posts: 6050
is it on the side of your torso? I've no idea really but just to add that all the pain I get when walking now is centred around one hip mainly and all that side of the pelvis, don't know why it's mostly on one side. I'm so delighted for you, 3 girls!!! :o)ll :o)ll
sunnyside Posts: 3164
Sorry no help to you either but wow three little girls!!! Hope you are feeling better as I remember your posts about terrible morning sickness. :wv
rushinbride Posts: 1097
hi pipn, welcome back - how are all three babies doing?? I hope all is ok! I only have the one baby inside but down my right hand side is where I've been getting pain as well...for me I know that is the only side the baby is lying on so whatever she/he is resting on seems to hurt - its like a severe stitch - particularly bad when walking - but I haven't been worrying about it it goes from under my rib and down... Sorry I know this might be totally irrelavant when your question was aimed at multiple pregnancies - but hope it helps some way!
pipn lucy Posts: 330
Hi, :wv Thanks a mill for all the replies and glad you rememeber me!! Yes sickness passed thank god after 2 months in hospital-lost almost 2 stone but dont mind as long as babies are ok. They are nearly sure its 3 girls :lvs so cant wait now. :o)ll Dying to see them. :o)ll Almost at the 22 wk mark so hopefully get through the next few wks ok. Once I get to 28 Im safe enough. Hopefully ill fly through to 34 thats what we are all hoping. You have put my mind at ease as the pain does seem like a stitch and as I said is only on my right side. Prob one of the babies leaning on something. I had a 3d scan today in Cork and it was amazing to see all 3 babies smiling and arms and legs moving etc. We loved it. Cant wait to start buying things-have only bought a pack of baby grows to keep me happy. Its a little early yet but I dont want to be huge either traipsing round sgops so Ill start buying around the 24 or 25 wk mark as there is so much to get. Hoping to pick up some stuff second hand-One lady I met in hospital gave me that tip........Anyway thanks a mill for the replies and ill keep you all updated. :thnk
sinion Posts: 6050
of course we remember you!! That's brilliant news that they're all thriving, I'm assuming you're signed off work now or will be soon?
pipn lucy Posts: 330
Hi Sinion, Im working only for 4hrs 3 days a week. Just to get out of the house. My size isnt restricting me yet and I mostly feel fine. Its behind a desk so not strenuous or anything. Ill stop though in another 2 weeks I reckon. :wv
sinion Posts: 6050
that's good to hear, try and pop on here more regularly if you can cos we're dying to know how our only triplets are getting on!