Hi all, My fiance and I met online and have been together a little over 5 years now. We're getting married in September but recently found out that his mother and other family members will not be attending out wedding in September. My fiance had told his sister that he no longer wanted to have his step dad as a best man, in confidence, but my fiance’s sister told his mother and the situation escalated as the whole truth was not told. Initially we thought that this was the main reason they were not coming. but soon came to learn that my in laws are boycotting because I did not want my fiance and his mother dancing to a Tupac song and then accused my family and I of being racist, which could not be farther from the truth. They have accused my fiance of favoring my family and this is my wedding, not our wedding, butdue to distance, they have been absent throughout all planning efforts and have no idea how my fiance and I have been working together to plan our wedding. Our families have not met and are VERY different, but I have given them no reason to think these things, still they are insistent that my family will just stare at them and judge them on our wedding day. Instead of putting petty feeling aside for their son, his family has chosen to boycott our wedding unless they can dance to Tupac and I uninvite specific family members. The whole situation has taken a large toll on my fiance and I as many hurtful things were said. We’re not sure how to move forward from this point with his family basically exiling us. Any attempts my fiance has made to have a civil conversation turns into almost verbally and emotionally abusive attacks from his family. We would appreciate any advice for dealing with this situation