TRX good for weight loss?

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cupcakebabe Posts: 2232
Can anyone tell me if TRX is more for toning or is it good for weight loss too?
Pillow Posts: 58
I found it more useful for toning than weight loss. But as I toned up esp around my middle I found I wasn't interesed in sweet foods as much and the quick results in toning made me want to eat less which led to weight loss. I didn't find trx a particularly cardiovasular workout which works better for weight loss for me.
StarLilly Posts: 684
Not for weight loss, but is definitely the best exercise I've found for toning. It's intense and tough but it doesn't get your heart racing like cardio exercise. Some classes incorporate circuits and kettle bells though which would help with weight loss
Sinead Nic Gabhann Ceremony Singer Posts: 1274
Hey Girls, I found TRX great, Especially along with kettlebells and a bit of pilates! Steer clear of the Spinning, the old Thighs gain a lot of muscle!!
Jojo84 Posts: 121
[quote="Sinead the Singer":3nm7nba4]Steer clear of the Spinning, the old Thighs gain a lot of muscle!![/quote:3nm7nba4] Building muscle shouldn't be considered a bad thing O:|
Sinead Nic Gabhann Ceremony Singer Posts: 1274
well for me it was a problem, as the skinny jeans wouldn't go over my thighs, which was not the desired effect. Muscles and toning good, bulky is not for me. Each to their own. :compress
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ashcapp Posts: 31
It's definitely more for toning but you can lose some weight from it. It's kinda of like weight training but just using your body weight. You'll lose some and get toned, but you still have to add other exercises in to continue to lose weight such as cardio.
NotHappening Posts: 10
Resistance/strength work is significantly better than cardio for fat loss. TRX is decent but not as efficient as weightlifting.
Mia Taylor Posts: 13
I find it very good for shaping your body, but not for weight loss. It's great exercise, very hard, but effective