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grumpy Posts: 1280
We started as soon as I stopped taking the pill. I didn't even have a period before getting bfp. I just used the 28 day cycle method and we dtd on day 13.
strawberry shortcake Posts: 9094
aparently when you come off the pill your most fertile,
Ducky Posts: 2506
According to scan, I got pg on the 9th days after last pill. Must have ovulated sometime between day 7-11. Kinda throws the whole assuming a 28-day cycle and a 14-day ovulation theory out the window!
so_clear Posts: 397
Didn't start new pack of pill at the weekend and went to GP today to ask about preparation for TTC so he gave me form to get bloods done and am going to do that tomorrow. He told me to be EXTRA careful until I find out if I need a rubella booster and if I do, to ensure that I don't get pg for 3 months after that, so I'm hoping that I haven't come off the pill too early now, particularly if you're at your most fertile as soon as you come off it and I miss the boat...DOH! O:| He was absolutely lovely and told me that having kids is a rewarding but life-changing experience and to make sure that you're ready for it. Aside from getting the rubella (and thyroid / liver & kidney function) test done, he also recommended taking folic acid and said that there are 4 important things to do: - eat healthily - get exercise - get plenty of sleep - don't get stressed about TTC So am really glad that I went to see him, but wish I'd done it before coming off the pill... :roll: