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Sentosa Posts: 57
Hi we have just decided to start trying for a baby, i just finished the pill the other day..waiting for my periods and then i was told by the doctor to wait for 2 normal periods.............. starting to get nervous now as we both want a baby but im nervous about being pregnant and hoping everything will go ok and all the rest.... i know we cant predict the future but i have a feeling it will be a long 9 months.......with sickness and all the rest.........anyone else feel like this or am i the only nutter!!!!!
Mrs O'Neill Posts: 417
Good luck! We just started trying as well. I'm looking forward to becoming pregnant but a bit nervous as well (it is a big deal). Don't worry, you're not the only nutter!
Mrs. Ally Posts: 298
Good Luck in trying, were in the same boat too, you're right though it is nerve wracking but also exciting too!!! Enjoy trying & best of luck!! Hopefully we'll all have some good news soon :lol: :lol:
Dylan Posts: 10
Good luck everybody, we were never ever expecting or even trying for a baby and then suddenly my wife was pregnant!!! It did come as a shock for a while... She due in 3 weeks time and it hasnt even hit me yet!!! I'm living my life as if nothing is due at all!!! lol...weird!!! Pregnancy hit people in lots of different ways!!!! Recommend trying to have a baby in the least unlikely position and unlikey location u ever tried!!! worked for us!!!! :lol: : :lol: :lol:
Sentosa Posts: 57
Thanks! it helps to read that their are other couples in the same boat!!
darkie27 Posts: 1449
[quote="Sentosa":ummnip8n]Thanks! it helps to read that their are other couples in the same boat!![/quote:ummnip8n] bb