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Kimberley89 Posts: 60
Been trying for for the past few months but too no avail. Have any of ye ladies tried the clear blue ovulation kit are they any good..
indie Posts: 28
Hi Kimberley, I know, it’s really, really tough to see those negative results month after month. It would get to the strongest of us. I’ve not used a fertility monitor myself and have resisted using OPKs so far. I’ve one child, conceived on cycle 1 so this ‘trying’ lark is fairly new to me. I’m now TTC #2 and in cycle 4. I’m trying (and failing) to not put myself under too much pressure so have resisted the fertility tools and gadgets so far, I’m thinking that if this month doesn’t work I may review that though. I have been doing a lot of online reading and had to admit that we may not be BD’ing as much as we need to be. On our first, we had more time and more opportunities to make sure we were giving it our best effort, so to speak, where this time round, we’re really having to nearly schedule in BD appointments, which, as you would imagine, sort of takes the romance out of it! O:o) Anyway, I suppose what I’m trying to say is, do you feel that you need the help of a monitor, just yet, or could you be more attentive to your body, your fertile window and making sure you’re getting lots of BD in? I’m sure you have been, but just wanted to mention it as on review of my own situation, that’s where I think I’ve been falling down. I’m doing my best this month to make it a priority and hoping for a BFP at the end of the month. Babydust and big hugs to you, It’s a journey! :babydust: :babydust: :babydust:
atina Posts: 2240
i dont use the fertility monitor but i do use the clearblue digital ovulation sticks. Those combined with using preseed are im sure what helped me with getting pregnant first time around. We had been trying for four months then the month i used those it worked!
Kimberley89 Posts: 60
Still no luck :(
MrsSparkle2B Posts: 1689
Sorry to hear that Kimberly, have you been to see the doctor make sure all is as should be?
MissyM67 Posts: 337
Hi Kimberly, I've just started using the clear blue kits, we've been trying about 6 months now too. I also went to the doc and had full blood tests done. Something else I'm doing (no idea if it makes a difference or not) is cutting out all alcohol, and just trying to be as healthy as possible- fresh food, gym etc. Also if you smoke, I'd suggest giving up. Stress can also play a role, so that's something to think about if that's an issue. I consciously decided to take a step back from some over needy friends who were demanding all my time to listen to their issues constantly. I'm hoping all of this works, but who knows!
Kimberley89 Posts: 60
Hi ladies.. yes been too doc and i do have low fertility but should still concieve i was told.. i am a pioneer never drank and dont smoke. Dad had been sick for the past 2 years so yes stress is a factor. We will get there one day..positive taughts :)
E.Rose Posts: 188
How are things going since you last posted, ladies? Just found this thread. Been trying for 18 months now, no luck :( All tests came back normal and we look quite fertile, so unfortunately our problems are "unexplained", which is so frustrating as there's no fix. We've looked at IUI, but at €1000 a go and a 20% success rate, we're not sure there's any point as it's the same success rate as going unassisted :-/ and at €6000 a go for IVF, we'd only be able to afford to borrow for one go every few years, and I'm almost 39 ☹️