Ttc#2 Clomid

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little squishy Posts: 559
Hi Just wondering if anyone had advise or success stories?! I did post in ttc but not much action there at the min. This is my first cycle taking clomid after 16 months ttc with no bfp. We had no prob concieving no #1. I don't have any issues that I know of so far, bloods are fine, scan showed no signs of pcos or endo. but I know that doesn't rule out everything yet. Went to consultant who prescribed clomid but no trigger shot. I don't even know what the trigger shot is for??! Hubby is going for semen an this Friday. It's all a bit scary for us as we never thought we'd be down this route as I'm sure everybody is the same when things don't go to plan! Just looking to get any advise or knowledge or success stores about clomid? Thanks a million
Sunspeckle Posts: 437
HI you might have more luck on the TTC with Assistance board. I cant help you about Clomid as I've only ever used Femara you may just have a slight hormonal imbalance after #1 so try not to worry. MAybe look into Napro who can help you identify the issue. They sorted me out and I had a rake of issues
little squishy Posts: 559
Hi thanks for replying and the reassurance! Yes I posted in the ttc with ass too, just thought there might be a few more success stories here too. Hoping it might be just something like what you suggested. Should find out about dh results and my bloods this Thursday so hopefully they come back ok
lilytiger Posts: 536
My sister had success on 100mg of climid after 3 years ttc. She did 3 months at 50mg after a lap and dye, and then the first month of the 100mg dose she got her bfp, She also did fertility acupuncture that month which she felt helped as well. She never had a trigger shot on clomid, I actually thought that was only for FSH injections.. One thing I will say is to get follicle tracking done while on it as they can tell you when the egg looks like its about to pop and you can get busy at that time. My sisters consultant didn't do it, and the month she got the follicle tracking done was the month she got her bfp... Best of luck xxx