TTC advice please?

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Mumslove Posts: 528
So T.O.M finally arrived!!!! So I'm out for another month :o( It's only going to be my 2nd month ttc so what should I do next as I really want to succeed this time, so throw it at me!!! Anything Some have said to dtd everyday, also to get a OPK- is that a ovulation prediction kit? ( might be a silly question) My periods are literally only starting now so I can't get a thermometer to check temps. Some have said to eat lots of pineapple. Anything else? I'll try everything if I have to!! Can anyone give me the lowdown on SMEP? Don't know anything about it? Can I get all the above info through googling ( haven't tried yet) Gosh h2b won't know what he's in for in the next few weeks- he thought the ttc monster got a hold of me last month, she surely had this time around >:o) >:o) >:o) >:o) >:o)
playabella Posts: 543
Have u tried preseed? I swear it's what helped us get our BFP.
Mumslove Posts: 528
What's pressed? I've heard of it but haven't a clue what it is? the only thing I'm taking is folic acid
playabella Posts: 543
It's a lubricant that helps carry the sperm and I think it prolongs it's life aswell. Hope your TTC journey is a short one. Good luck :wv
McMummy Posts: 1041
The SMEP is best for those who have conceived before but if you want the low-down you should try the TCC board they have a really good tread on this. Presead is a lubricant which works like CM so the sperm can survive till ovulation. Have you tried sites like fertility friends these give good advice on charting OPK's etc. Also a book that's highly recommended on here is TCOYF - taking control of your fertility might be of help. ... and the hard part - try to relax and not get stressed or let it take over your life. Unfortunately it can take time even if there are no reasons why you shouldn't get pregnant.
Mumslove Posts: 528
Can I get preseed in chemist?
playabella Posts: 543
I did a search for it on google and bought it on the internet. Sorry but I havent got the site address anymore. I havent seen it in chemists.
milis Posts: 7998
Most chemists stock it. You can get it on too.
Isy Posts: 89
Hi SKERTL I did the SMEP plan the month I got my BFP so I would definitely look it up on TTC forum. Here is a link that will help you understand the SMEP plan: You will need to use the OPK which are ovulation predication kit, I used the clearblue digital one as its easy to use and you will get a smiley face when your about to ovulate, can be anything between 12-36 hrs later. Also try preseed to help the swimmers along..... Best of luck, wishing you loads of :babydust:
Mumslove Posts: 528
Is preseed expensive, Ive just sent my other half off to get it. Is their anything he should do to help things happen or is their anything he shouldnt do.