TTC after c-section - experiences?

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rebelin Posts: 113
Hey ladies My ds is 4 months old and I'm considering TTC again. I asked leaving the hospital and they suggested that if I was delivering within 12 months of ds I would probably have to have another section but if I waited a bit longer, I'd have better chance of natural delivery. Having had natural delivery for dd, I would def prefer that experience again as I was very sore after the section and found it much more difficult to recover from. Would anyone like to share their experience of TTC after section? Did you go earlier than suggested? How was pg, was the scar sore, did you notice anything different? Would love some advice before I take the plunge!
Elegance Posts: 2848
Hi Rebelin.... I'm pregnant again, my DD is nearly 15 months old, so a bit older than your LO. I'm hoping for a VBAC also. Not because of any issues with my c-section recovery, but because I need to be up and on my feet quickly, as I have an active toddler who'll need me too! Scar wise, I'm feeling a slight twinge in my scar already and I'm not even 13 weeks pg yet. So can only imagine what it will be like as I get bigger. Other than that I'll keep you posted..... Lots of luck in your TTC.....
poppylops Posts: 1363
Hi. I just had my baby by c-section and the doctor in hosp advised us not to try for another baby for 2 years! i thought that was a big long but he said its necessary after a section...
Rebelette Posts: 243
Hey Rebelin - no experience of this but would be interested in replies also. My lo is 4 months too & I'm very keen to TTC sooner rather than later. The midwife at my 6 week check up said 9 months, but dont even want to wait that long :-8 Afraid to ask GP etc in case they say longer!
amberjack Posts: 1273
Hey Poppy, 2 years, gosh that's a long time. TBH I never enquirer about a time frame, but will on my 6 week checkup (which I must actually book, I keep forgetting, baby brain!) Im 37, so I think 2 years is way too long to wait, I did ivf and have 3 snow babies, but hope to try naturally and see if anything happens (unexplained infertility and obviously I can carry a baby to full term) Would be interested to hear other people's experiences on this.
coconut Posts: 2183
I was Sectioned on both my babas and my hospital says 1 to 2yrs is what they want to get u to wait!!! I would ask GP and see what he thinks as there is alot of repairing to do!!!
Salander Posts: 1639
my gp said about after about 6 months was fine. i think the hosp said 1 year but i wasn't waiting that long! dd will be 20 months when baba no 2 arrives all going well! just be aware though i went through a phase of being very broody about the 4 month mark and then it wore off again - though it obv came back! :o0
galway07 Posts: 660
I got completely different advice. I had DS by C-section. When I went back for the 6 week check , I asked how long I should wait before concieving again and was told by the Consultant that there was no problem if I was pregnant at that stage :eek Got pregnant when DS was about 6 months! So there is 14 months between DS and DD. Had a section again on DD.I`m now 23 weeks pregnant with no.3 and all going well there will be about the same gap again. I don`t find any problems with the scar, even though I was a bit squemish at the thoughts of everything expanding again. I get the odd twinge in the scar sometimes and it gets a bit itchy, but nothing of note. I`m 35 now, and wouldn`t hold off agewise. I think you are very fertile after having a baby , so it`s the optimum time to TTC.
littlemisshopeful Posts: 6101
I was basically told to make sure we use contraception. I heard someone else told not to even consider ttcing until after six months. I can't wait two years either. If I am coping ok with this little man, then ideally I think we could start ttcing around Christmas. That will have allowed for eight months of healing.
Anonmama Posts: 239
I was advised to wait 12 months before conceiving. I just about managed it. So far, I've had no trouble with the scar.