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MUMS THE WORD Posts: 733
well girls, think i'm ready for it now again.. and am quite happy to just go with the flow for a while.. just wondering how long it took those of you with similar experiences... also does anyone know how long it will take me to get a normal af again... I had my misscarraige on the 8th of August, I was 6 weeks pregnant at the time... thanks in advance for yer replies!! MTW xoxo
Mrs Peg Posts: 1778
MTW, I just wanted to say best of luck with everything and i hope u it happens for you soon. On the af thing, i'm not 100% sure and everyone is different but i have heard 6-8 weeks is the "norm"? Maybe some of the other girls could help x
Cowslip Posts: 761
MTW, I have no experience of this myself, but a friend of mine had a miscarriage last year and she became again a couple of months later and had no problems with that pregnancy... I'm afraid I don't know how long/if she got a proper af after the m/c before getting pregnant again...
corkrebel Posts: 744
MTW, glad that you feel upt to trying again and best of luck .... I had a m/c in May, D&C on the 26th .... I got AF 30 days after the D&C, then had a mid mth bled and AF again after 2 another AF then again 27 days later ...and i am now 4 weeks it can heppen for you ! best of luck !
bellabella Posts: 2750
Corkrebel,a big congrats.I was looking back throught the old threads just this morning and i saw yours about your m/c and here you are pregnant.well thats fantastic.YOu are a great example of hope for the other girls here who have had m/c. Mum the word you try and stay positive and best of luck.i am sure you will have a happy story like corkrebel soon.
*Smajra* Posts: 1440
I'm glad you're feeling better. Pregnancy takes alot from your body even in the first few weeks. Especially if you weren't eating properly due to morning sickness your body is drained of nutrients to feed the baby so they reccomend that you wait for as long as you were pregnant before trying again to give your body a chance to recover, for example if you were 6 weeks pregnant then you should wait 6 weeks before trying again. I was 12 weeks so we waited 12 weeks and it gave us a chance to deal with it too. I got my period again about 30 days later and then it was prety regular give or take a few days so my cycle was pretty much back to normal straight away.If it is a bit off for a while it should only take a cycle or 2 to settle down.
summer days Posts: 112
corkrebel, Sending you the very biggest of hugs and kisses.. :xxx I have sent you a PM!!
MUMS THE WORD Posts: 733
thanks for all the replies girls.. Mrs. Peg.. hope you get some good news from your GP today.. will be thinking of you!! Mrs. Dtb... all you said makes perfect sense to me, yes i might give my body more time... but i'm glad my head and heart are ready for it all over again. CorkRebel - WOW!!!! That is fantastic news, I'm soo pleased for you.. I hope this joy and excitment will make up for our Croke Park disappointment on Sunday!!!! Gutted... the rebels' treble was a fantasy :cry: Thanks to everyone again, for your support and advice!!
Purple Tulip Posts: 3442
congrats cork rebel best of luck with it all
corkrebel Posts: 744
Hi girls, Gosh, thanks so much for all the kind wishes...did not mean to hijack MTW post but just thought that it might give you some hope..i knwo that was what I was looking for when I m/c in May .... so keep the faith and be strong...your time is only around the corner! (((BABYDUST)))