TTC after miscarriage

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Realtin Posts: 61
Hi ladies Just looking for some small advice really. How long after a miscarriage can you start trying again? Im after a bad few days now and need something positive to think about. Hope I can do it all again as it took so long this time thanks r
Jenny1 Posts: 98
Hi Realtin Firstly let me say how sorry I am for your loss! :action32 I know its not easy picking up the pieces after a mc! I had a mc on Nov 17th, and had been trying for 12 months, we were so delighted it finally happened and then just a week later to have lost it! We tried to look on the bright side thinking that at least we knew we could get pregnant! The Dr at the hosp wasn't that helpful after it happened, I asked him should I count that bleed as CD1 or what should happen next! He said it could be or i could get my period in a few weeks or a few months!! O:| O:| Great help! Anyway I kept doing my temps just so I could try and get an idea about my cycle, fertility friend took a while to register that I did ov on CD13 and as we werent really trying we had only dtd on CD11 but that was enough, we got another BFP ! :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll We were both terrified that it would happen again but we have already gotten further along in this pregnancy than we did last time and don't even mind the morning sicknes too much!! (even though it lasts all day!) Anyway I think it is up to you both as to when you are ready to start trying again, Its not an easy way too look at it but I feel my mc was a kick start to my body to remember what it is supposed to do!! Best of luck trying again, and keep your spirits up! PM me if you need to talk Jen *)
little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
So sorry to hear about your m/c I had a m/c in march and gyne told me to wait for AF to arrive before trying again so we did. AF arrived 28 days after D*C. We didn't succeed that month but we did the following month. We did SMEP and used opk. DH took zinc and vitamin c tablets whereas took evening primrose before ovulation. HTH.
jellybaby Posts: 2316
I think it really depends on how far along you were when you mc. I had an early mc in October and we tried again straight away without waiting for AF, and got our BFP again, and so far so good. I think if you've had a D&C, or were pretty far along, then it's recommended that you wait until you've had AF, as you need to build up the lining of the womb again so that it's thick enough to support implantation. Sorry about your loss, hope you feel better soon.
Always hoping Posts: 784
So sorry to hear about your loss... I had a D&C on 31st Jan last. I was told I could try again straight away but we waited just 1 month before trying again. It was very hard to wait that first month as I desperately wanted to be preg again. I had a long wait but I'm now 16 weeks preg. I really hope you don't have to wait as long to get preg again... xo
oirish Posts: 1541
I had no d and c's adn was always told to wait a month and then try whenever I was mentally ready. There is no physical reason to wait a month if you haven't had a d and c (if you did it's to allow the womb lining to have a chance to recover from the surgery). ITs not easy what you've just come through and I know how much you want to try again - whenever your mentally ready I say.
mumof2 Posts: 3864
I was told to wait one or two months to when I got AF and when I felt ready. I felt ok straight away and waited for AF and tried the next month and got my BFP. From people I know, it seems to happen faster immediately after a m/c so if you do feel ready I would start trying once you get your AF I kept doing my temps as well just to keep track on them. Best of luck and very sorry to hear about your m/c - it is a sad time but it does get better
Realtin Posts: 61
girls thank you so much for all the advice. I was 10 wks but baby had stopped growing at 6. I know it was meant to be and that hopefully everything will be ok next time. Im ready to start again but gp told me to wait until first period. I had a d & c. I know nothing about temping and all the other abreviations that you girls used so i reckon ill just keep at it.... Again thank you it means so much. r :thnk
silíní Posts: 4219
I haven't had a m/c realtin but i just wanted to wish you the best of luck. OPK means ovulation predictor kits, you can buy them in boots, or other chemists, and they give you a time when you probably ovulate, just to help timing for you.... Sending you lots of good karma for next time, S