TTC after miscarriage?

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mrsmay05 Posts: 36
hi girls, I recently suffered a miscarriage and I was wondering is it okay to starting ttc again before AF returns? Is is dangerous to become pregnant before your cycle returns to normal? . We were thinking of letting nature take its course but I am worried that if I became pregnant this might be bad for the baby? Doctors in the hospital said different things, some said to have one cycle while others said no harm if I got pregnant before AF. I would love some advise on this as I am very worried that this is going to happen to me again. MrsMay05
jen2 Posts: 3106
MrsMay05. Im so sorry to hear about your loss. I had a MC last January. I was carrying twins. Lost one and 6 months later had the other a beautiful son. I was extremely upset when it happended. Found it hard to mourn the loss of one twin, while I was still carrying the other. I did not get to mourn the loss really until my son was born. Sorry maybe rabbiting on here, but what I am trying to say is, take your time. It may not be medically bad to get pregnant again straight away. Have you given yourself enough time to mourn the loss of your baby. Also allow your baby a little break to. It may still be in stress. I hope all goes well for you in the future. Just because it happened before does not mean you will MC again. Enjoy ttc with your DH. All the best in the future. Jen2
mrsmay05 Posts: 36
hi Jen2, just wanted to say thanks for your words of encouragement. The way I am feeling now, I cannot wait to get pregnant again, but I am worried I am being selfish by wanting to try so soon after MC in case it harms baby. tks, mrsmay05
jen2 Posts: 3106
You getting pregnant now will not harm the baby. But you said the way you are feeling now you want to have a baby. you may not feel like that next week etc. I know that your probably feeling a little empty inside, and want it back. It will not replace what you have lost, and i dont want to sound a bitch saying that. And i know you are probably not trying to do that. You will get pregnant again, and have a beautiful baby. Just make sure you have had enough time to heal in everyway. Again take care and all the best. Enjoy the fun and of ttc. Jen2
corkrebel Posts: 744
Mrs May05, So sorry for your loss.... I had a m/c in May and like you, I got misxed info from the midwives and my consultant after the D&C.... and like you, all I wanted was to get pregnant again... I dont think that getting pregnant before your Af arrives will do you or baby any harm but we wanted to wait until I had at least one Af before trying again... just from the point of view of allowing myself time to heal mentally and physically and also that I would be a 100% certain of our dates.... I think that really it is down to the person to determine when you feel that you are ready to start trying again..I know that you probably desperately want to be preg again..I know that I did and it was all that I thought of ...but Iam glad htat I gave myself time to grieve for our angel... best of luck to you Jen 2 so sorry to read of the loss of your twin xx O:o)
Lady Di Posts: 2487
Hi Mrs May - I lost my first pregnancy at six months and the second at just about eight weeks. The advice that I was given across the board was to wait until you get a period afterward before you start trying again. My consultant said that is your body telling you that its ready again. Haven't tried again since as we're getting married in January but will hop straight back on the band wagon afterwards so I'm going to come off the pill on my honeymoon. Try not to worry too much although I have to say that I will probably live my next pregnancy in fear of it all happening again. I think it depends on your state of mind as well - if you feel that you have had enough time since your miss and are ready then go right ahead. Best of luck anyway - everything will be fine. Dont' think for a second that because its happened once it'll happen again cos it doesn't work like that.....Hope it all goes well and enjoy pleanty of trying!! *)
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TheBigDay Posts: 651
Hi Girls, I also had a mc, just a few days ago. I only knew I was pregnant for a couple of days - in that few days I had already had bought my pregnancy book, and written in the date for our first scan and due date all over every calendar and diary in the house! The first few days after the mc were really hard, and I didn't know how I would face even trying to get pregnant again. However, now I am feeling a bit better and can see that after my first af I will be ready again. I think I need just a little bit of space to separate the two pregnancies emotionally. Everyone is different, I think you will know yourself when you are ready. If you feel that you are ready now then go for it, and the very best of luck!
sassybride Posts: 78
hi Mrs May Its been a while since i posted here but i still pop in quite a bit, but just wanted to say that i am very sorry for your loss. i had a mc at the start of august and i was advised to wait till after your af returns. Had a D&C and my af returned 6 weeks later, and as far as i know it should return 4-6 weeks, look after yourself and try not to worry about the next time. sassy
TheBigDay Posts: 651
Hi girls, I said above that I would wait until my first af before ttc'ing again. Last night we did not use any protection! It was our first time being together since the mc. It just felt too weird to think about using protection when all we want is to be pregnant again. I think we will go on without protection and see what happens... It feels a bit irresponsible but I just can't wait to be pg again. I read up on it and it seems like the only reason not to wait is because it would be hard to tell your due date. I don't know are we crazy, like I wonder how do you know when to test? MrsMay, how are you getting on? Wish me luck!
Tea Posts: 10
Hi girls I too had an early MC 4.5 weeks ago at approx 5 weeks. I didnt have a d & C and was told to wait until 1 period before trying again though gp told me I could try as soon as I felt ready. I didnt feel like sex and thought I never would again but 2 weeks after MC we did and I didnt use contraception. AF has not appeared - but its only day 31, so there is a chance I could be pg again - seemingly you are very fertile after a MC. The way I am looking at it is that if I am pg, then great and if not - well we didnt exactly try (once in a month wouldnt normally be enough) and it will happen again soon. I'm sure that whenever it does happen we will still worry about every drop of blood but I think once you are ready then go for it. good luck to all