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honeymoonperiod Posts: 102
Hi Can you advise me of websites to track fertility please? The only one I can find is But you have to pay for this :( although they gave you a 26 day free you know of any others based in UK perhaps? thanks :o)ll
MORPH Posts: 22
jellybaby Posts: 2316
Hi coastbeauty, fertilityfriend is definitely the best one - you get a free trial of the "vip" features.....but after that, you can still use the main features of the site, you just don't get the "vip" options. You can still enter your data and look at your charts, but fertilityfriend won't make predictions as to what your chances are of conceiving that month, etc, etc. I found the main thing was to have the charts, so that you could compare them from month to month to track cycle length, ovulation, etc. Best of luck :wink:
strawberry shortcake Posts: 9094
try also you can download femta to your computer shows you when to concieve a boy/girl, free sex chart and fertility chart
tasket Posts: 306
I second jellybaby, I found fertility friend to be the best of the online ones, and you only have to pay if you want access to the VIP features or the chat boards - it's free for basic cycle charting. You can also buy the software developed by Toni Weschler (author of the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility). You can download it from , it's US$40 (31 euro) and once you buy it you have it forever, no need to pay a monthly/yearly subscription. There are also TCOYF chat boards, they're free (even if you don't buy the software) - see . Good luck. :D