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Desert-Moon Posts: 1174
Hi all! We have been dying to TTC for ages, but I wanted to wait til after the wedding. This may sound like a silly question but I'm wondering about something. As far as I can remember you're not supposed to fly either very early or very late in your pregnancy. Is this true? The reason is if I conceive on honeymoon, will flying be dangerous for baby. Please don't think I'm silly for worrying, as I lost a baby at full-term, and I am going to wrapped in cotton wool for any future pregnancies - I don't care how paranoid it is. I don't want to take ANY unneccessary risks. I'd love someone to clarify things for me. Thanks :)
HappyGirl Posts: 113
[color=indigo:2h6i6emx]Hi Moonbeam I think there are different opinions on this. However it's a risk I decided not to take in the first trimester, my logic being that if I did miscarry I would always wonder if that was the reason. Some doctors will say it's fine, others will say you shouldn't. So it's really up to you. I would also say that it's worth considering that it's best not to drink alcohol while TTC and particularly during the 2WW - if you're on honeymoon you will want to be able to relax and have a few cocktails perhaps? :) It's only one more month to wait. Again, just my opinion, you have to decide what's right for you! :) Best of luck with the wedding and hope to see you on this board soon! :) HG [/color:2h6i6emx]
lou gav Posts: 508
Hi Moondesert, I was just thinking the same thing. I stop the pill half way through the honeymoon so not sure if I'll start another one or start trying. All I seem to see is babies at the moment :) But part of me is saying wait and enjoy married life for awhile.
Ailise1 Posts: 36
Hi guy's, It is not recommended that you fly in the first twelve weeks of pregnancy, however I know plenty of people who have flown without even knowing they were pregnant and everything was fine. On my first baby I flew just after the 12 weeks I was nervous but everything was fine. Im due to start taking my pill again on the wedding day but im not going to now so if I was to get pregnant on HM i wont know until I get home anyway. Moondesert I can completely understand how worried you would be so maybe you should think about waiting till after HM theres no point worrying yourself silly afterall you only get one honeymoon so you should enjoy it!! Good luck hope it happens soon.
stinky Posts: 606
I am dying to start ttc but I will wait until after the Honeymoon. I want to enjoy myself on Honeymoon and have a few drinks and relax. I also have to give up smoking but would prefer to do that after the wedding and honeymoon. If it will put your mind at ease, I think you should wait until you come home and them you can start working at it. Best of Luck
Mamaria Posts: 224
Hi - this is my first time posting here, getting married end of September, and heading off for three week honeymoon, where we hope to start TTC straight away. Anyway last week we had a bit of 'fun' sans protection, and were really happy that we had started TTC. Now I'm slightly worried if I am pregnant (probably not, but a possibility - timing was right) how I will fare with flying. I would hate for anything to go wrong - as HappyGirl said, if anything did go wrong I would always wonder. (also on another note - what does BFP mean? haven't a clue about a lot of baby related things yet - except that I want one!)
30092006 Posts: 36
Hi Ladies, Delighted to see this post up here. As its been something I have been thinking about for that last couple of weeks. We are getting married at the end of this month and we too and deffinitely going to TTC asap. Might even try this month and get a head start ;0) - as my p will be due right around the time of the wedding which would obviously be a bummer - however after being on the pill for so many years I really don't want to go back on it for this month. I have just looked up Google and a couple of other searches re: flying in pregnancy and here is what the doctors advise: "Is it safe to fly during pregnancy? Written for BabyCentre UK Anna McGrail answers: Yes, in your first and second trimesters, although if your pregnancy is complicated by medical problems such as spotting, diabetes, high blood pressure or a previous early delivery, check with your GP before travelling. Also check with your GP if you are going abroad so that you can discuss any possible problems. You may find that your second trimester -- weeks 14 to 27 -- is a perfect time to travel. With morning sickness behind you, your energy levels high and chances of miscarriage low, you can enjoy the luxury of relaxing, sleeping in and dining late with your partner. " I was also worried about being out in the sun - as part of our HM involves a 2 x day safari and as long as your sensible i.e. cover up, drink lots and lots of water (go to Malaria free safari) and look after yourslelf it is OK. However it is hard not to worry! Im not even pregnant and only going to TTC this month and Im already worried isn't it terrible !!! Best of luck to everyone, MoonDesert - I wish you the very best of luck ;0) M
Desert-Moon Posts: 1174
Thanks for all the replies - I don't come to this forum often, as it makes me too broody! I asked a friend about this today, and both she and her friend got pregnant while on hols, and didn't discover til they got back. I mean it must happen all the time! I really can't wit to start! Both my previous pregnancies were surprises, but I know that it may not happen straight away! :cry: Well hopefully... Please God I will run into you on this forum soon! Best of luck everyone!
summer days Posts: 112
Hi there I got pregnant quite unexpectadely before I got married. Actually I thought I may be pregnant while I was on business in Finland. From Finland I had to travel onto Greece and then home (before I could even do the test!). Once I got home and found out I was pregnant I had to travel again to Italy for a wedding and again abroad for my own wedding. None of these trips could be avoided. However, we had to cancel our honeymoon as we were going to an area that I would have needed shots (for Hepaitits etc) so we were unable to travel. In the end we traveled to Greece again for our honeymoon (much more sedate but lovely!). My doctors advice was to try and keep travel distances below 4 hours and to wear those awful flight socks, move around frequently and drink loads of water. I was fine on all the trips.. was in Cyprus last week with work and was fine too. For me it was much easier to travel in my 24th week of pregnancy as I wasn't feeling sick and was still able to fit on the plane seat :D Had I been able to avoid it I might not have travelled so much but that is definately a personal choice ..
lalalala Posts: 224
I had to fly early in my pregnancy and my GP told me that the only reason a doc wouldnt recommend flying in the early stages is if the mother was at high risk of miscarriage and wouldnt be able to get medical attention quickly and easily while travelling, which is why they dont recommend flights over 4 hours long.