TTC over 12 months

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whereland Posts: 472
Hi all, just wanted to start a thread for people who have been ttc over 12 months. Unfortunately I'm in that category. I don't know why I look at the trains on here cause they just make me feel worse, if one more person gets pregnant after one month of trying!! I don't talk to anyone about it in real life apart for my husband obviously so would just like to hear that it's not just is. my friends have had no difficulty conceiving so I just don't think they can relate to what you go through as a couple when it takes this long. It's kind of a lonely place to be at times. Anyway don't want to be too moany or anything just want to hear I'm not the only person in the world going through this!!
MrsP2be2015 Posts: 100
Hey, if I were you I would go to a doctor and get some tests done just to put your mind at ease. If there is something wrong, best to get the ball rolling asap because fertility treatment can take a long time. Are you using ovulation kits and timed intercourse? If not, I would start. Good luck!
Smilinmaz Posts: 446
I'm at 10 months so I'll pop back if /when I get to 12. It's a difficult road but so far I've managed to stay quite positive and not get upset...I don't know how! I've had bloods and ultrasound and all ok Hubbie having sa next week. We are both 36 so it's not like time is really a luxury for us.
whereland Posts: 472
Yes have had tests done, all showed up fine. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with ovulation tests- I get so excited when I see a smiley and get convinced that this is the month, then when I'm not pregnant I'm convinced that the ovulation tests are just a scam!! I'm 29 so it didn't even occur to me that we would have any problems. It's so frustrating. I'm positive 90% of the time but get really fed up sometimes too, particularly when I get the "so, any news..." comments. People are so clueless!
Carriedaway Posts: 1863
Whereland We tried for 2 years , Started when I was 28 and found out on my 30th birthday I was pregnant. I can relate to what you are saying about the loneliness, its like everything else in this world no one understands it unless they go through it. My friends seem to fall pregnant by just looking at their husbands. I ended up seeing a fertility counselor just to get it all off my chest and learn how to deal with all the thoughts. she was brilliant. As others have said i wouldn't wait around before getting help, sometimes theres nothing you can do without intervention so theres no point wasting another 2 years.
E.Rose Posts: 188
Hi ladies, Been trying for 18months now and staying positive about it is getting harder. All tests can back normal, so this "unexplained" lark is so frustrating. And like ye, everyone around me seems to be getting pregnant so easily! I'm just thankful I'm not being asked why we don't have kids yet! We can't really afford assistance, perhaps we'd be able to borrow enough for one round of IVF, but it's not successful for many people first round, and the stress of that debt then wouldn't help in trying by ourselves afterwards if it were to fail. Sorry for the negativity, I'm feeling negative today! Trying to start to come to terms with the fact that it's not going to happen for us and move on.
whereland Posts: 472
I just happened to check on here tonight and saw your post. Would you believe I’m sitting here with my little newborn baby- and I hope that doesn’t sound insensitive but I wanted to let you know there is light at the end of the tunnel. We continued to try for 2 years then went about treatment. We were offered IUI initially- we were sceptical as success rates are quite low but it’s a fraction of the cost of IVF. Our first round failed, we decided to give it one more shot- could not believe it when it worked. Would it be worth having a consolation with a fertility clinic just to see what your options are? It doesn’t have to be straight to IVF. Best of luck