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rose petal Posts: 307
Hi Girls, Can someome hopefully answer my questions! We are ttc no 1. I would have been ovulating last week. Anyway last thur we done the deed :oops: . Since then I have been feeling weird. Sick stomach , cramps. Really full bloated feeling and hungry at the same time. Now my period is not due until another two weeks. Is it possible to feel this way since last thursday? Any feedback I would appreciate it. RP :lol:
rose petal Posts: 307
Sorry bump....
sharonstep Posts: 57
hi RP didn't want to read & not reply. it is possible that you could be experiencing pg symptoms but its also possible that you are hoping so much that you have conceived that you're giving yourself symptoms. Your mind can play tricks at times like these and let you get your hopes up but theres a lot to be said for your own intuition too as some women say they just knew they were pregnant. I ahd a feeling myself that i was before i did a test but having been disappointed previously i tried not to get my hopes up so if you can try not to over analyze everything throughout the month and wait until your period is due to test you will save yourself from disappointment and also it is true that the more relaxed you are about the whole thing the quicker it will happen. sorry if this is not what you wanted to hear but i swear i have been in your position and i really hope it has happened this month for you.
rose petal Posts: 307
Hi Sharonstep, Thanks for your reply. You are so right , I am more relaxed and what will be will be . I will hang on the two weeks and see what will happen. Thanks RP :wink: