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Mrs.P Posts: 34
hi girls just wondering if any of u who had success in ttc have any tips to share. i'm ttc 4months now and no hop. i'm average fit and healthy 35. so far my digging for info has me using opk's successfully to pinpoint ovulation, doing the biz twice a day for 2 days before and 3 after, legs in air for 30mins! :oops: , eating seeds on my brekkie cereal and a spoon of honey at night. watching for EWC mucus (yuck!) matches with the opk's timing. (and we fit in a few prayers here and there.) the temperature thing is no good for us- we tried hubby shoving a thermometer in my gob first thing each morning but my temp was all over the place prob due to broken sleep. i went to a gp for something else and while there asked how long should we give it before seeing a specialist, given that i was 35. she said 12months. i'm not at the desperate stage yet but every month counts (and my months are 35 days) so if there are any other worthwhile things to do we'll give them a lash.. Thanks :)
booboo Posts: 622
Hiya Maybe you should go over to the magicmum forum..They can probably help you out quite a bit...?! I can't offer too much advice other than really look after yourself..Make sure you have a diet rich in fresh fruit/veg/salad...this will ensure that you are not deficient in any minerals/nutrients... Eliminate caffeine/alcohol and soft drinks..All sugars in general.. Exercise Rest relax and enjoy... Do a google search on "becoming pregnant"..U will get loads of good links then Good luck Fingers crossed it will happen for you soon