TTCing after partial molar

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4everdreaming Posts: 105
Hi girls i am just wondering if any of you suffered a partial molar pregnancy is the past? and if so, did you wait the recommended 6 months before TTcing again?? My consultant said once my HCG levels get back to 0, we can start trying again, its 9.5 now, so hoping that it will be 0 next week or the week after...but any of the information iv been reading about partial molars all suggest to wait 6 months after get the level back to 0.... tks in advance :wv xxx
Mcrawford Posts: 31
Hi, I've stumbled upon this post because I've been diagnosed with a partial molar pregnancy. I see this post was posted years ago but it's so hard to find information here... everything contradicts. I ended up having a second erpc to remove remaining tissue but levels have nosmalised now. When we're u given the go ahead to try and conceive again? I've heard 6 months but I've also heard wait 1 month after levels normalise. How long did you wait?