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lisa2215 Posts: 9
Went out to wedding fair in Tulfarris on Sunday- really really liked it! Particularly like the way you are separate from the other guests in the Manor but also have the benefit of the hotel for all of our guest to stay in. Would like to get feedback from anyone who has been to or had a wedding here before making our decision? How are they re packages- will they include extras? What was the food like on the day? Also how did people find the room itself- planning on inviting 150 guest or so, and the room does seem smaller than others we have looked at?
DollyDumDrops Posts: 67
I haven't been to a wedding here myself, we did look at it for our own wedding and the only reason we didn't book it was due to location. We stayed there last weekend for my birthday, we had afternoon tea, dinner and breakfast in the hotel and I have to say the food was amazing! the service was also brilliant. I found them great to deal with when we were interested in it and very willing to negotiate. There did used to be a Tulfarris brides thread on here somewhere that you might come across but sorry I can't give you more wedding related feedback!
lisa2215 Posts: 9
Thanks for your reply- I'll have to try find that thread!
LadyLizzie Posts: 1724
I was a guest at Tulfarris during the summer of 2013, approx 115 guests, and it was a really nice venue for the size of the crowd. The food & wine were particularly nice. The rooms were good (with a great shower if I recall!), they were a few minutes walk outside from the function room which was a welcome bit of air during the heatwave! Had it been lashing rain however this would have been a different story, with the hair & make up done, running in heels, maybe just something to bear in mind for your guests, as the bride though you would probably have a golf buggy! The only negative (a very small thing overall) was that we arrived for breakfast the next morning around 9.30am and had to wait for a free table for almost 10 minutes...I thought it was strange they wouldn't have enough tables in the dining room when they cater for weddings all the time. We had to just stand at the doorway with everyone else sitting, staring over in sympathy! I thought we were relatively early going down at 9.30am, but when we got seated there was a considerably long queue at the door, so lots of guests still hadn't come down. Depending on where your church is, it's a heck of a drive to Tulfarris (we had an hour's drive) on winding roads. I know the area somewhat so had an idea where to go, but for guests from further afield, well there were lots of phone calls & waiting for each other along the road. One car took a wrong turn & a heap of cars followed him then they all did a U turn on a narrow road to come back. Overall a lovely venue though.
MikeBurke - Photographer Posts: 43
Lisa2215, Have to say I love this hotel. I've shot so many weddings there and everything has gone without a hitch. If you've been to a wedding fair there you'll appreciate how great it will be for your photographs - whether you end up have them taken indoor or outdoor there are great options. But apart from the photographs I have always found the service and food to be excellent - I can't vouch for the rooms as I've never stayed there! And on top of this I have to say that I have only ever heard good comments about the venue from couples and guests. So, I would definitely have no problem recommending Tulfarris - you won't be disappointed! Hope this helps, Mike Burke - Photographer http://www.weddingsonline.ie/suppliers/ ... otographer http://www.mbp.ie
Sin16 Posts: 236
We have booked our wedding in Tulfarris for November next year. I know a few people who have been to weddings there and all I hear is great reports. They are very organised and they get back to you straight away. With regards packages there isnt much movement. We do have a reduced rate by €3 per person if our numbers are above 120 so that's something. I love it and delighted with our choice. Church wise we have booked Manor Kilbride church which is the other side of Blessington towards Dublin. Only 20 minutes exactly.
Chicevents Posts: 367
Great Venue, We offer excellent package deals for that venue, including - Uplights - Backdrops - Fairylight entrances And much more Thanks John www.chicevents.ie
MrsBB Posts: 12
We have our wedding booked for Tulfarris next July - we went to the wedding fair last weekend as well - it all looked absolutely gorgeous. The staff are fantastic and the wedding co-ordinator we are dealing with is lovely - nothing is a problem. We have had food there before and it is delicious!!! Really looking forward to it.
mich73 Posts: 75
Getting married here in June 2016. So far they have been very helpful. We both fell in love with the place the minute we seen it. You can negotiate a little with them.
caz.hughes Posts: 89
We're getting married here in Feb. We got the deal for winter wedding. Can't wait, we both fell in love with the place. It has a mix of old manor house with the modern hotel. We never heard about it before searching hotels online for the wedding. But since booking it anyone we talk to about it says it's gorgeous and food is amazing.