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guitar Posts: 56
Hi there, Looking for any opinions or reviews on this hotel for a wedding of about 150. All info welcome Thanks
quartz Posts: 446
As far as I know that place has gone into receivership, re-opened maybe shut again. Personally I wouldn't take the chance booking it in advance.
rinkerj Posts: 25
we are getting married there this year. Very happy with the hotel and they are great to deal with, very helpful. They have reopened and were busy the day we went there.
NYB2010plus1 Posts: 114
Oh i loved this place :lvs we went to see it on Saturday and i love it!!!!! Rinkerj when are you getting married if you dont mind me asking? We have been to see a few different places and this place seems to have a bit of everything, the old manor house but the luxurious new hotel exactly what i was looking for. As quartz mentioned they were in receivership but we were advised by Louise (new hotel manager) of this and apparently this puts them in a position to gaurantee that they'll still be open for next 3yrs or so. Personally i dont really mind aslong as they're still open for next Sept. She also said that the deposit of €1k is totally refundable but like anywhere that's not much use if they close a couple of months before our BIG DAY :eek There's a wedding on Saturday so we're going to go back down to see the room done up - i hope it still has the same WOW factor as the first time we saw it :thnk Louise also mentioned that they dont have a proper wedding package put together yet so i'm hoping that i have some bargaining tools because of this.. Rinkerj you mentioned that you got a good deal - were they negotiable enough with the prices etc? :-8
webbride32 Posts: 17
We have booked our wedding in Tulfarris next year too. Its a fantastic venue and all reports from them seem positive. Its a risk with any hotel at the moment!
NYB2010plus1 Posts: 114
Ahh Big Congrats Webbride32 :o)ll When is the Big Day? Have you sorted all the finer details with them yet? I'm sorry to ask but i am dreadful with haggling and the thoughts of it is killing me :-8 :ooh Since viewing the hotel on Saturday i've mentioned it to a few people here in work and two people in particular have commented on house nice it is! :eek
webbride32 Posts: 17
Not til next July so early stages of discussion. they were willing to haggle on some stuff but wouldnt budge on others. Are you planning on taking the manor house, its fab itsnt it?
NYB2010plus1 Posts: 114
Oh yeah it's all or nothing personally and i just know my mum will love the house!! :o)ll We are looking at Sept 2010 - going to pop back down on Saturday to see the room in all it's glory and go from there I think. (we're looking at the room downstairs) I think the best option with haggling is to just ask what can they give us a discount on and go from there... Hope my H2B is better at it than i am
MrsNorthman Posts: 232
Hi all, myself and himself went down to Stay on Fri night and we got the tour with Louise as well. Absolutely loved the place and we are just waiting to see what new packages they come up with, as we will also have to negotiate with them as they dont seem to be offering to much within the price compared to what I have heard other hotels are offering!!! She did say it would be another 2 weeks before she sends us the info. As we are coming from Dundalk we wont be able to get donw soon to see how the room looks when done, I would love to hear what you think next week!! We are going to be having a small wedding and we liked the room upstairs as it didnt seem as big!! I do think however we will end up booking it for next year, fingers crossed!! Everyone was so nice in the hotel and they upgraded us to a suite which was fab.
NYB2010plus1 Posts: 114
Hi Debs11 that sounds great! We're travelling from Rush, Co. Dublin so not as bad for us to get there - will fill you in when we get back :o)ll