Tullamore hospital v mullingar

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crazyhorses Posts: 13
Just wondering could anyone give feed back on tullamore hospital v mgar for hospital visits. Do you get more scans in tullamore? Also what days are tullamore visits on?
waffle Posts: 167
Tullamore hospital doesn't do maternity but Dr Mortell does a satellite public clinic there. Not sure about dates or scans.
crazyhorses Posts: 13
Yeah i know there is no maternity in tullamore, I'm just enquiring about the visits , length of waiting times and scans etc.
Novemberpearl Posts: 91
Dr mortell does clinic in Tullamore on Wednesday afternoons. Waiting time could be a while but you do get a scan at every appointment. Ladies start arriving from around 1pm ( first come, first seen process) however dr mortell doesn't arrive until 3pm, nurse does their checks in between so usually 2 - 2.5 hrs altogether. The last day I was there, I seen one of his clinical team who was there from approx. 2pm so waiting time was reduced. I work closeby so made sense to go to Tullamore- I didn't realise that you get a scan at every apt when I was choosing which hospital so that was a bonus!