Tummy & Lower Back Pain 6weeks?

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honeybee Posts: 624
Hope someone can advise me, I have had a truely aweful pain in my stomach and lower back since last night. I woke up from the pain and went to the bathroom half expecting there to be blood everywhere but thank goodness there was none. Can anyone give me any suggestion before I go and see my doc. I have no real MS, just more so feeling not hungry am taking on plenty of water and am trying to eat. Any advice would be grateful.
decmum Posts: 239
Heh Honeybee these first weeks are sh**. It's a scary time. Don't be afraid to take tomorrow off and stay in bed with feet up. I had aches and pains in my lower abdomen early on. Keep an eye and don't be afraid to visit your hospital A&E for an early scan. They can detect heartbeats so early now. Chin up and rest. :o)ll
honeybee Posts: 624
Oh thanks decmum thats a relief, if it gets any worse I will make an apptm with Doc. O-O