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bethlouise Posts: 173
hi, my ds is 8 wks old and for the past 3 weeks is only sleeping max 30mins at a time for naps during the day...even if out and about in car or buggy. he is waking up cranky and its so hard to get him back to sleep. out of desperation in last few days i turned him in his tummy and any time i have he has slept much longer!! I know its not recommended at all but he seems much more comfortable sleeping this way! do any of u have tummy sleeping babies?? im a nervous wreck and have only done it during day while im in same room
galwaygirl2010 Posts: 2447
I didn't have a tummy sleeping baby (although since she hit 1, its now her favoured position much to my despair also :) ). A friend of mine was told her baby was developing a slight flat head and so had to put her sleeping on her side from about 6 weeks - could you maybe try this? I assume its a safer position if its recommended to prevent flathead?
lovelycuppatea Posts: 481
To reduce the risk of sids it is recommended to only put your baby to sleep on their back. Not on their side or their tummy. Once they can turn themselves then it's fine to leave them in the position they move into ie. you put them down on their back but if they flip themselves over on their tummy and seem comfy then you can leave them like that. my fella fell asleep during tummy time at that age one day and i was so tempted to leave him so i did for the one nap but never again.....it's just not worth the worry.
crea Posts: 201
Hope it's just a phase. I have no real advise, only sympathy. I had a "miss 25min naps" for ages. I think when she slept 2*45 min naps after starting creche at 8 months I thought I died and went to heaven. I had her sleep on her tummy once (she fell asleep like that on her playmat), but it was not worth to me as I spent those 45 min checking is she is breathing non-stop. Hope you find something that works for you. Sinsirest best of luck.