Tummy Tubs???

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starbell Posts: 267
Hi All, I was just wondering if anyone has any experience with a tummy tub instead of a bath for babs. Just wondering if its worth investing in. they look very handy, small and compact.
Emme Posts: 4735
Hiya, do you mean Tummy Tubs?
starbell Posts: 267
oops yip thats what i mean
Emme Posts: 4735
I'm actually of no use to you as I didn't use one but know the Mammys on here who have them love them but you might get more hits!! I thought you were talking about something like Belly Bandits.another thing altogether!
LittleMouse Posts: 24
I'm a huge fan of the Tummy Tub! Would really recommend them for newborns.DH works long hours so I found them great for bathing DD on my own. Also found them great for bringing to my Mum's house etc. DD is nearly 8 months now and was getting difficult to bath (she was standing up and trying to get out!) so I now use a Mothercare Aqua pod in the main bath. But I still use the Tummy Tub when away from home. I know lots of people use them for much longer than 8 months. :wv
jan8 Posts: 554
my tummy tub was the best thing i bought for baby. he is 21 months and i still put him in! quick run-down of benefits: -they are really quick and easy to use as you only need a tiny bit of water - eg you can fill at kitchen sink and carry wherever you want as it's not heavy -water comes up really high so baby is lovely and warm baby is in same position as in womb so it's really comforting -position help get wind out (of both ends!)
wollysocks Posts: 1773
If you do a search there was a thread on this very question no more than a couple of weeks ago- lots of people replied- and almost everyone with exception of me found it brilliant. I might try it again with next baby as everyone seemed to love it.
goodietwoshoes Posts: 167
Love, love, love the tummy tub. Highly recommend it :wv
MrsWoggle Posts: 1793
Loved my tummy tub. Now I have to say we did get a present of the Fisher Price Aquarium bath and we were a bit nervous the first few times we used the tummy tub when DS was a newborn so we used the hammock in the aquarium bath in the early days but then when I switched back to the tummy tub I loved it. Like the OP said, it takes very little water to fill it and it's great to put in the kitchen sink, saves your back & DS loved it.
strangeangel Posts: 1269
Love it. DD hated her baths in the sink until we got the Tummy Tub and then the very first time she was so quiet and would have stayed in it forever - screamed coming out :) Also used it for ages (til she was 22 mos) as she was perfectly happy to sit into it and fold her legs up!