Turkey & Ham-CHEAP?

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overthemoon! Posts: 1479
hello all. Im just wondering if turkey & ham on a wedding menu looks cheap? i have heard several people say that it is but i dont know. beef and salmon is getting a little tiring now isnt it really?
sweet cheeks Posts: 1119
No I dont think so Turkey and ham is very common on wedding menu's. Our mum's wanted this but personally i dont like it, I love fish and h2b beef. So we went with what we love and picked the Beef and Salmon.
mrsmay08 Posts: 367
we had beef or turkey and ham, loads of people chose the turkey and ham
montagne Posts: 1849
Cheap? No. Boring, yes.
micksmrs Posts: 931
Its turkey and ham or beef for us. Everyone will get a lovely meal and no one will be hungry, if people dont like either one they can go for the veggie option or hit McDonalds across the street.
sweet cheeks Posts: 1119
montagne O:| Turkey and ham is not boring. Its practical. I love Duck but there is no point putting it on the menu cause its an acquired taste. We all pick our menu's on what we know people will like. Please do share your Menu?
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montagne Posts: 1849
We havent picked it yet sweet cheeks and when we do, we wont be asking an opinion. Sheehy asked for feedback, and she got mine. Sheehy, if you have any problem at all with what I said, then I apologise. Sweet cheeks, if you have a problem, take it out on someone else, not me.
sweet cheeks Posts: 1119
I dont have a problem at all, thanks. Its just Turkey and Ham ain't boring, its a lot of people fav dinner. So dont be so harsh, that all. Picking a menu is hard, you'll soon find out.
montagne Posts: 1849
Dont patronise me sweet cheeks. I organise conferences for a living, chosing a menu is not parting the red sea. Ah, I see where this is coming from. Just because I dont like sorbet?
sweet cheeks Posts: 1119
:o0 :o0 :o0 I dont give a fiddlers if you organise pissed up's for the stars, i'm only saying. If you want to be all high and mighty dont be, organising a conference is child play. Get real :o0 But serious thanks for the laugh, made me morning montagne