Turning down the Domino Scheme?

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Makka Pakka Posts: 620
Hi Ladies, I wonder if anyone can offer me advice on the Domino Scheme? I am going to the Coombe. I am worried about going on it due to the whole epidural thing. I will obviously try and do it all as naturally as possible, but I would like to know the option is there for me. From what I hear and read on the pack they sent me, its not on offer. I am also worried that if something went wrong with me or baby, would consultant led care be better? I love the scheme for the shorter queues and earlier release scheme, but other than that, what is the main difference than if I went with the normal consultant led care? Thanks :lvs
Bigsurprise Posts: 961
A friend did the Domino scheme in Holles street. while they encourage you to have a natural birth without help they will give you an epidural if you want one. At least this was my friends experience. If at any stage there are complications they will move you back to consultant led care and if you need a consultant at the birth one will be there.
ohsotired Posts: 7071
If you want epidural or anything comes up during your pregnancy then you will be transferred back to the consultants clinic. I didn't qualify for Domino with Coombe as essentially you have to be 'no risk', at the time of booking I was considered 'low risk' so accepted into the midwives clinic but due to hyperemesis until 21 weeks I got transferred back over to the consultants clinic! A lot of people do get transferred out of Domino for one reason or other so if you are accepted I would say go for it and see how your pregnancy goes!! Just to add that assuming all goes well with your birth & there is community midwives clinic in your area then you can opt for early release - I am still hoping to do this & avail of community-based midwife visiting for first five days!
gopro Posts: 1801
If it was me I would ring the domino scheme midwife- the number is on the Coombe site and talk to them bout your fears worries etc
strangeangel Posts: 1269
I did Domino in Holles St and loved it and am doing it again this time. I agree you should discuss with them what the options are if you decide you want the epidural. I managed without on my first, but as far as I know the option is always there if you really feel you can't manage without it. Other than that, the best part of antenatal care for me was being able to attend a local clinic (don't know if that's the same in the Coombe), so never had any waiting time for appointments. The postnatal care was amazing - the one-on-one attention from a midwife at home was far better than my experience of the one night I needed to spend in after the delivery and was key to being able to breastfeed successfully for me, if that's something you're considering. If complications do arise during your pregnancy, you'll be transferred back to consultant-led care, so no fears there.
wollysocks Posts: 1773
[quote="yonex":1aozrwc1]If it was me I would ring the domino scheme midwife- the number is on the Coombe site and talk to them bout your fears worries etc[/quote:1aozrwc1] +1 I did the Domino scheme in the Rotunda and I can't praise it enough. I know they encourage the natural birth but I was never told at any time that I couldn't have an epidural. I've only read it since on various threads here. I did have an epidural when I asked no problem. Unfortunately, I had to have emergency c-section so I cannot do the scheme this time round as they only take on uncomplicated,low-risk pregnancies. This time round I am doing semi-private and I much much prefer the Domino. You get to know the team of midwives at your appointments and the service is so personal. You feel they get to know you and you know them and all their names. You have a phone no to call them with any queries and they get back to you very quickly. Particularly on a first baby they give you so much information it is really brilliant. I find the semi-private much less personal and I definitely feel like a number rather than the important mother-to-be that I felt with the Domino. Afterwards on the ward, the Domino midwives came in every day to check I was getting on ok and help with breastfeeding or anything else you need. When I went home, then the midwife came every day for a number of days and again offered any support and advice I needed. Absolutely fantastic service! By the way, in any hospital emergency care is excellent and absolutely equal. If your baby is in any danger you will have a consultant regardless of whether you are private or public...So when you are deciding this is actually not a consideration. :wv
Makka Pakka Posts: 620
Thanks ladies. Great info. I have my appointment with a midwife in 4 weeks. So I think I will keep my mouth closed about the epidural and go with it :o0
missussunshine Posts: 513
apologies for the ignorance but what is the Domino scheme?, i get that its a midwife led scheme... . I'm semi-private in the coombe and wasn't aware of this. Do you see doctors at all? do you go public/semi-p/private and then decide on Domino or is it totally independant of all three. sorry now but it sounds great and im wondering is it too late to go for it, im nearly half way. thanks :thnk
ohsotired Posts: 7071
[quote="Baby H":6klw5uao]Thanks ladies. Great info. I have my appointment with a midwife in 4 weeks. So I think I will keep my mouth closed about the epidural and go with it :o0[/quote:6klw5uao] After you go through your booking questionnaire you will be told if you're eligible for Domino/Midwife Clinics/Consultant Clinics so I really wouldn't worry about it as a lot of people don't even qualify - I really wanted to do it but because my dad has type 2 diabetes I didn't get in!! Your midwife will explain it all at the booking but you can get epidural when the time comes you will just be transferred to a consultant team on the day!
missussunshine Posts: 513
My mam has type two diabetes so maybe thats why it was never mentioned. cheers.