Turning off airbags

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mrswed Posts: 141
I have the new type toyota avensis and am just wondering if you can turn off the airbag in the front seat if you were to put a baby seat there. Has anyone heard of this for the avensis?
Barbalou Posts: 1617
I've never heard of this in any car, why can't you put the babyseat in the back?
chefmaid Posts: 2426
you can do this is clio's there is a lock in the passagner side door that could be changed so the airbag was off. Not sure about your car maybe check the manual
Perci Posts: 3847
I have a Focus and you can't turn it off but I know you can with some cars. There was a thread over on Mums & Kids about this if you want to do a search. I wouldn't be happy putting baby in the front though.
shootingstar Posts: 1340
I drive a VW Golf and I know that in teh glove compartment there is a switch that you have to turn with you key to turn the airbags off.. Dunno if I would be puttin babs in the front though, you can get a mirror that reflects in your rear view mirror so you can see how babs is doing.
evenstar Posts: 367
I went to the Mothercare info evening a few weeks ago and the woman running it was talking about this. She said that if you want to turn the airbag off for a car seat to get it done in a garage - apparently when there is a switch to turn it doesn't always work - and you really don't want to find out the hard way. She also said to check that your car insurance is still valid if you do this - some insurances aren't. evenstar
allexcitednow Posts: 654
Why would you want to put a bay in the front seat? Madness!!
theoracle Posts: 7664
The way to switch it off would be detailed in the car book that is usually kept in the glove compartment. I would however bring it to the garage to make sure it is done correctly as another post suggested. Our car has an indicator light that states whether the pass airbag is off or on.
mammyof1 Posts: 540
[quote="allexcitednow":1r18478q]Why would you want to put a bay in the front seat? Madness!![/quote:1r18478q] up to few years ago the recomendation was to put baby in front seat rear facing! best thing is to drop into toyota garage and they ll help you out.