Turquoise BM Dresses - Matching???

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elizajane Posts: 631
Hi Wollies Thinking of these bridesmaids dresses - But when it comes to flowers and all the other bits and bobs you try to match how would you go about it - theres no turquoise flowers out there!!! There is some lilac in the dress - should i just go with matching with the lilac and ignore the primary colour of the dress? Really like the BM dresses but foresee running into major difficulties over coming months matching colour schemes? O:| Any advice girls?? :thnk
honest woman Posts: 322
You can sort out flowers for any colour of dress, so I wouldnt worry about it, you may be able to get some kind of flower that colour. Even if you went for ivory flowers, you could still bring in turquoise by the florist adding little gems into bouquet or wrapping ribbon around stems. Lilac flowers could be nice. If you like them, go for it!
Weddingloon Posts: 445
Hiya! Well we're having dark teal which is sort of similar and I found the same. On the flowers I don't mind, the florist can advise me but for invitations, chair sashes etc I couldn't figure it out. So what I've done is actually based the colour scheme around colours that go with it. So navy and silver have come out as the colours moreso. Girls will have silver accessories and shoes and prob navy ribbon on flowers or something!! Once it matches, who cares!!! haha!!
DaisyB Posts: 1708
hiya i have ordered this kinda colour bm dresses aswell. i was speaking to a florist last week and was asking her about matching etc she said usually with colours like turquoise people would go for the a totally diff col bouquet like pink, yellow, lemon, orange. i have googled turquoise bm dresses and some wedding photos have come up some with pink bouqets and they just looked fab!! sorry still cant post pics wat am i like! :o0 but if u google it yourself u mite get some ideas! :wv
elizajane Posts: 631
cheers girls - i really love the colour - as a red head myself tis a colour i'd wear a lot of myself and think its gorgeous! Must do that google search too!! :thnk
wifeynow Posts: 336
Hi I am also getting turquoise bm dresses, found this link hope it helps :wv and this link
Charli09 Posts: 235
My Mam is wearing a turquoise suit with a raspberry coloured hat, bag and shoes. The two colour together look really stunning. So you could tone the dresses with raspberry colours or ivory. :wv
elizajane Posts: 631
Thanks girls (and for the previous thread links) :thnk Went into the shop just there now and tried the dress on myself :o0 cos not sure when i can get all 3 bridesmaids together and no point tryin if dresses werent nice on - well they were gorgeous - really like dem!! :lvs The lady in the shop also suggested getting a ivory/cream flower and spraying dem? Anyone have any experience of doing that?