Twin Breast feeding problems

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poppie3 Posts: 158
Hi Ladies looking for some help, i BF my twins in the hospital until nurse told me to stop as one was getting a bit of jaundice, but seemed then milk died off, so i went back BF after i spoke to the lactation consultant, but then when i was home i got engorgement so rented the medela breast pump the first night i used it i got no where, then the next time i got about 60ml, but since then im lucky to get 10/20ml a go, what am i doing wrong.. how often should i be pumping? I know i should be pumping numerous times a day but how do you do this when you have twins that are feeding so often? One of my babies isnt latching on too well either and the other does but gets tired and she's the smaller of the two.
ninja next Posts: 1548
Hi Poppie, Its like im following you around. No advice except are you on facebook. There are 2 excellent private groups one is "Irish Multiple Births Association" and the other is "breastfeeding twins in Ireland" the girls there are very helpfull & informative.
Silini2 Posts: 3834
congrats on your twins!!! i would think you need to get back onto the lactation consultant or ring la leche league and ask for someone with experience of feeding twins... It's actually very common not to get much when you pump, it's not a good indicator or supply as babies take much more than a pump can... Sounds like you need a concrete plan and I imagine a lactation consultant could help you with that...
MrsMommy Posts: 1112
Congratulations on your twins. As Silini said pumping is not an accurate measure of your supply. It took me a good two or three weeks of pumping eight times a day to produce close to a litre of milk in 24 hours. It wasn't easy and I had just one to feed. I fed LO from both sides and pumped after. My supply did kick in and then I had an abundance of milk. With twins, I think it would be easier for you to get them both feeding from the breast direct, so I would get back onto the lactation consultant asap.
chucklebells Posts: 350
The best time to pump is in the morning. I can get 10 ounces in about 45 minutes if I pump before lunch time but if I try after 8pm in the evening I would be lucky to get 3!
smalltalk Posts: 460
Poppie I expressed for 13 for dd as she didn't latch on at all. I rented a hosp grade pump from a medical supplies place. It was expensive but worked well as I had a really good supply of milk and it was a shame for dd not to get any breast milk. I pumped initially 8 times in a 24 hour period. Pumped both sides for about 5 mins and got quite a bit. Try get them on the boob as other posters said babas are more efficient as getting the supply going. Hope it works out for you.
BabasFor2012 Posts: 1594
Congrats on the birth of your twins and very well done for breastfeeding! Please, please, do yourself a favour and do what I procrastinated on and never did, get to see a good lactation consultant. Whereabouts are you in the country? Would highly recommend Nicola o Byrne if you are anywhere around Dublin. Another thing I wish I had done was get a supplementary nursing system for top ups as my DD developed nipple preference and refused the boob from around 14 weeks. I ended up pumping for her while feeding DS and it was very tough going. I pump once a day for her now at 16 months. I would have a strong suspicion of Tongue tie if you have latching issues, badger people to check for this and make sure they know how to check properly, they must put a finger in their mouth, you can't always see it and Tongue elevation and general movement needs to be assessed. As well as the groups ninjanext has mentioned there is also an exclusively expressing group which may be useful for tips, but the breastfeeding twins group is likely good enough, do come and get help there.