Twin girls names help

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Cr1000 Posts: 1
I'm going anon for this as I have friends who are wollies. I'm pregnant with twin girls & we're having a hard time picking names. The only two names we both love are Ava and Ella. Honest opinions, do you think these names are too similar for twin sisters?? (We are not trying to have them similar because they are twins).
ClairebearO Posts: 80
Not at all too similar. I think they compliment each other very well and are both lovely names! Best of luck with the twins :)
Sineaddaze Posts: 14
Congrats! They're both beautiful names. They're not too similar although I can see what you mean being that they both end with -a. Would you maybe consider Ellie instead of Ella?
mamime Posts: 791
They are lovely names. I am on the hunt for a girls name too atm. Both of these are already in my family! ;) I am actually looking for a name with the same ending letter as my other daughter (5 yrs apart). I think ava and ella work :)
MrsDraper Posts: 146
Or Ava and Elise?