Twin Mams/Mams to Be, when to finish work?

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mrsminnie Posts: 367
Hi :) I'm 30 wks + 5 days pg with twins and starting to struggle in work. I have a desk job which isn't too strenuous at all but just can't seem to get comfortable anymore, even with all the cushions etc. So was just wondering, when did you finish up work before having twins? Or when do you intend to finish up? I was hoping to get to the end of March, around 34/35 wks but realistically can't see that happening now! Thanks in advance! :thnk
katiemomma Posts: 2690
Hi mrsminnie I am supposed to finish end of march at 32 weeks. However I now feel i could do with finishing earlier and I am 3 weeks behind you. I think I am going to cut down to 3 or 4 days a week instead til 32 weeks. I am self employed so this may not be an option for you. Since we are being taken in at 38 weeks i was thinking by finishing at 32 weeks i realistically have 2 to 6 weeks before the twins arrive. Would you consider finishing before st. PaTricks weekend?
mrsminnie Posts: 367
Hi Katiemomma! Thanks a mill for reply. I was actually off sick yesterday, woke up and was vomitting so went to the doctor but my normal gp was off for the day so I had to see the stand in (which I wasn't too happy about!) Anywho, he said the sickness was prob from tiredness and to rest for the day and see how I get on so went home and slept for the day! Was feeling much better heading to bed last night but then only got a few hours sleep and had an awful cramp in my leg which lasted about half an hour! So all in all, I was chatting to hubby and we said if I make it to next week to then go to doc and see what she recommends and either take sick leave or unpaid leave. Hope all is well with you and the babies :wv