Twinges, darting pain & more twinges on 2ww

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mysteriousgirl Posts: 783
Hi, I am currently on my first week on my 2 week wait and for the last 3 or 4 days I'm getting twinges on my right side down by my ovarie, then it will be like a dart of pain similar to ov pain and then back to twinging again, also feeling a bit sick after I eat and terrible heartburn for the last 2 days. This is our 1st proper month tcc, got all my dates wrong last month but keeping a better track of everything this month and pimping like mad now. Did anyone experience this before their bfp. I know it's too early to test but I am hoping it's pregnancy/implation related and not some sort of urinary infection.
Anne Cordelia Shirley Posts: 4731
I had no symptoms when I conceived, in fact it wasn't until I was five weeks gone I got my BFP. I don't think you can read much into what you've described TBH, the only way to know is to wait to test.
mysteriousgirl Posts: 783
Thanks ACS, I'll wait another few days and if the twinges ect are still there I'll go to my gp, no point me waiting to test to see if I'm pregnant if it is a urinary infection and I didn't get it looked after because I didn't read too much into it. I have never experiences these twinges for more than an hour or two when I ov, this is why I am asking the question. Congrats on your pregnancy.
ohsotired Posts: 7071
I was 5+3 before I found out I was pregnant but one thing I did have was heartburn - I never had that before so didn't even realise what it was at the time! I didn't think I was pregnant (was on hols) so wasn't paying too much attention to my body as such! Fingers crossed it is a good sign for you though!
atlantis star Posts: 31
hi MG i had to reply as these were the exact symptoms i had when i was on my two week wait with my now beautiful DS :) i really hope you get your bfp signs looking good so far. Good luck
XcitedMum2b Posts: 165
I didnt get these pains or twinges but we started to realise i was pregnant and week and a bit after concieving. First of all i was very sick for 2 days but i also had the most awful taste in my mouth - salty/metallic taste that didnt go away for 2 weeks and actually returned a few weeks ago but its away again now thank god. Anyway my point is i think u can tell from the signs sometimes before ur period is due :) Goodluck! :babydust:
mysteriousgirl Posts: 783
Well it wasn't to be for us this month, but thanks to everyone for the comments and :babydust: , here's hoping to new beginnings in the new year. I hope everyone has a fantastic christmas x