Two family wedddings????

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jessbud Posts: 429
Hi all. I'll start from the start... I'm with my dp for 15 years now, engaged 12 and have never thought about getting married until recently. DPs brother announced their engagement last month and were going to book for 2011 so we decided we would finally do it 2012. Then they couldn't get the hotel they wanted till Jan 2012 so my dp suggested we do it 2011 in August. Haven't told anyone yet (except my sis) and have looked at a couple of hotels for civil ceremony and dp wants to book one next week. I'm not waiting until 2013 to do it, have waited sooo long for this and am only in a finacial position to do it now, have my two kids, my house and the last piece of it all is to be married. My sis keeps telling me not to be worring but I know when we do tell everyone there will be something said, maybe not to our faces but we will find out.
perfection Posts: 837
this is a bit of an odd one.........could you have a chat with fmil and get the gist of how it might go down with the family...maybe just slip it into conversation and see how she reacts... :innocent:
nutcake Posts: 1168
i wouldnt even give it a second thought, its not like you are getting married the same week! do what suits you, best of luck :thnk
cosmicgirl Posts: 343
jessbud Posts: 429
Thanks for the replies girls..... Our wedding is going to be totally different to theirs (Civil ceremony with small wedding) while theirs will be church and huge wedding. I've been trying to think if one of my sisters booked a wedding a few months before mine and I honestly wouldn't have a problem with it (could rob some ideas lol).... Going to get dp to ring his bro tonight and say it to him, fingers crossed they don't go mad.
Poshtotty Posts: 241
We are having our wedding 4 months after h2b's brothers wedding and this thought never entered our heads at all :-8 You shouldnt feel you have to arrange your wedding around others, its your day! To even think about having to wait until 2013 is madness.. We like you have our house, 2 children and the missing piece to complete us is marriage. You should set a date and be excited :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll shut out any negative feedback.
happieout Posts: 3111
jessbud Posts: 429
Thanks Posttotty.. Its good to hear from someone in the same position. Was anything said about you having the wedding so close to your h2bs brothers?? I know I shouldn't worry about them, am really excited about finally being a bride and completing our family. Right thats it feck them all if they don't like it they can lump it. O-O
Poshtotty Posts: 241
Nothing was said to us directly or indirectly, but, if it had I can honestly say would have gone in one ear and out the other :innocent: Get planning b2b :hyper: :hyper: :hyper: Decide what season, pick your date (make your announcement) then choose your venue! You'll certainly start feeling the excitement of it all then and..... enjoy the planning!
Poshtotty Posts: 241
You have picked your date already I see, thats a start...make your announcement! :hyper: :hyper: