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wobbler Posts: 300
Anyone work two jobs? My DP is thinking of taking on a second job, has anyone any advice on it? What way does it work tax wise etc? Is it usually worth while?
AnthonyHutton Posts: 2235
i dont even work in the one i have! BOOM BOOM! tax.. i dont know how it works tbh
Mrs. Ash Posts: 1168
I kinda have two jobs, I have my day job that I work 5 days a week. Then I teach evening courses in contracts of about 8-10 weeks about 3 times a year. With the tax thing, you have to divide your tax credits between the two employers, although the stupid tax office couldn't explain to me what happens your tax credits when I'm not working with my evening job!!! O:| O:| O:| I mean I work about 18 weeks of the year with my evening job, what's the point in halving my tax credits for my day job for only half the year!!! Sorry for the rant but the stupid tax office are no help!! O:| >:o(
Asterope Posts: 147
I work a second job for part of the year (teaching), and the tax office automatically put me on the higher rate of tax for the second job, and then it gets sorted out at the end of the year if they owe me any back. Well that's the theory. Be very careful sorting it out with them i.e. ring them constantly, as a girl I know who does the same as me had trouble with it. The tax office had on her file that she had only worked Feb - April last year (the duration of the part time job) and that she hadn't worked since. (She found this out in January of this year). This was despite the fact that she'd been paying tax/prsi/pension etc correctly out of her pay in her full time job.
strawberry shortcake Posts: 9094
hi wobbler i have 2 jobs, basically the way it works is you ring the tax office and say you are on 29000 in your main job eg office job you can allocate 4000 to your other job, im not sure if its 33 or 34k that you go on the higher tax bracket but once you stay under the 33/34k on both jobs a year your only taxed 22%, you can allocate any amount of credits (under the 33/34) to your 2 jobs so you wont go over. HTH