I have 2 twobirds Lilac Tulle Ballgown Bridesmaid Dresses for sale. Both are Size A and fit sizes 0 - 12 in US sizes so are suitable for sizes 0 - 14 IRL/UK. I don't really think these would be suitable for sizes 0 - 6 to be honest though, best fit would likely be 8 - 14. These can be wrapped tighter though and can also be cut to size (length-wise). My beautiful bridesmaids were 5ft 6in and 5ft 9in and both are a size 12 (IRL/UK). These dresses can be worn in 15 different wrap styles on top. The wrap styles can be viewed on the twobirds site by searching: twobirds [b:3l7vrsz1]lilac[/b:3l7vrsz1] tulle ballgown. Both dresses have been worn once, are in excellent condition and have been dry-cleaned and boxed up. Selling both dresses together for €250. I am based in Kerry and Dublin.