U want2 find out baby's sex??

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bree Posts: 1880
i would really like to know the sex of our baby but my DH & rest of family think im mad & want the suprise. have booked in for 3d scan in Nov & plan to ask then ( when DH is not there) & then keep it to self.... But what im wondering is why people think its benifit to know or not know ?? colour of nursery/clothes does not come into it for me , its more about knowing exactly whats ahead & think it would help me bond more & get even more excited knowing it was a little man or little doll - though im finding this v.difficult to explain to others when they ask y i wanna know.....what does everyone else think? ye wanna know? if so or not then why???
SpringBride Posts: 406
We are ttc, and I think I would like to find out the sex, Ive been on the fence about it before...ruining the surprise and all that. But sure it will still be a huge surprise meeting your little boy or girl, although I was a fortune teller last week who told me I would fall pregnant at Christmas wiht a girl, not that you can put any confidence in that, I would just love to be pregnant to begin with!
kazh Posts: 462
I think you would form a bond whether you knew or not once you start feeling the baby move. But like you say it's personal preference. Am not sure why people don't want to know. I think when I have kids that I would like to wait and see, although you don't know untill your in the situation. I think maybe it has to do with the suspense and the excitment it causes when the baby arrives whether its a he or a she. I don't think they can tell you 100% accurately the sex though so they could get it wrong, it has been known! Life would be boring if we all thought the same. Good Luck, Hope your baby :baby3: is happy and healthy whatever sex it maybe. O:o)
BestBridesmaid Posts: 25
Didn't find out on my first, not sure why. I guess I was young and didn't think that people did! But for my second I was just dying to know, and it was lovely to hear it, I cried at the scan! Then to know that it was my little boy in there for the remaining months was just lovely. The bonding was amazing, knowing, and we even named him. Better than referring to 'it' all the time. Didn't tell the world we knew but I don't think that it mattered too much if we did or not. Was lovely to have the cutest little blue outfit to take him home in picked out as well! It was just as emotional at the birth when the doc announced it was a boy, didn't take anything away from the experience knowing. Did the same for my 3rd and would do it again!
bree Posts: 1880
thanks for the replies. that was lovely to hear about you bonding even more with your little boy- thats how i imagine it would be 4me. because DH doesnt want to know i would be keeping it completly to myself ( except id be able to tell all u wollies :wv )... ..... i think with the 3d scan it pretty much errorless in terms of the sex if the baby is lying in the right position...
BestBridesmaid Posts: 25
Fair play if you can keep it a secret, I just know I would have gotten caught smuggling a blue blanket/clothes into the house or saying 'he' and then going bright red! I reckon once your DH finds out if it is a boy or a girl he would be just as chuffed to know. If it at all possible I would try get him to agree to finding out, or at least let him know you are going to and agree to not tell him. Pregnancy is a very emotional time, and one can be very scattered, you can turn from a discreet rational person to a crazy person who doesnt know what she is saying! Though you will have the fact that you wont be legless some saturday night and spill the beans on your side! Ordinary scans are fairly accurate, I have never actually known anyone in person who was told the incorrect sex, only ever a friend of someone's cousin.. iykwim... We had discussed the fact that if it was wrong, what the heck, we will get our surprise then! We hadn't gone mad decorating with blue, picked a lavendar, which is easily doctored either way! Oh Im jealous now, I loved the anticipation and just being pregnant. (yes nature does play tricks with mind, I have completely forgotten about the piles, the swollen ankles, constant heartburn and lack of alcohol!)
bree Posts: 1880
loved your post bestBM..hehe.. ( dont talk to me about piles - my ass is so sore, must put up a thread on how to relieve sore anus!! ) Think your right - i'l tell him i know & in advance agree not to tel him onve he know's that i know he wont last a week & will ask ( and then like u said will be chuffed to know )... oh i cant wait to find out now..roll on Nov 23rd !! Your right about the alcohol too..here sitting in front of the fire with lovely candles lit, nice music & could really do with a good tasty glass of Wine !!!
Sphynx Posts: 6795
Bree I am only 9 weeks gone but provided the first scan goes ok, I am going to be in the same position as you. I will really want to know the sex of the baby. I already suspect that it's a girl (and I would really love to have a girl first). More importantly, I think it would really help me bond with the child before it's born and help me to see him/her as a real little person, rather than just an "it". I don't see how your joy or excitement the day you give birth could be any less for knowing the sex in advance. How could you not be absolutely thrilled once the child is healthy, even if you know the sex in advance? Boy or girl is not the focus of the event after all. Unfortunately hubbie doesn't want to know so I'm not sure how we'll work that out. I like to think I could keep a secret but then again I'm sure I'll be bubbling to tell someone and it will somehow come out! Let us know how you get on at the scan anyway. Do you have any inkling yet either way? And will someone please put up a posting on sore bums. For some reason I have one already!!!
bree Posts: 1880
Hi blackcat - am definitly going to find out & even tho i know keepin that secret would be soo hard , at least on here is an outlet ! & obviously DH would be v.cross if i told him.... ah sure he will give in anyhow & ask !! bet yours will too !! at our hospital scan i was so amazed i didnt ask anything let alone the possibility of telling the sex. Have the 3d scan for Nov 23rd & back for hospital for scan Dec11th..cant wait for 3d one.. At least your almost over the icky part & into the exciting part ( seeing your bump grow & getting the flutters, which i have at the moment - loving it ! ). Good luck with everything.. ps-see sore bums hehe
MrsHawaii05 Posts: 488
i'd deffo find out second time around...it really annoyed me that i didnt know the sex first time round !!! and i cant see how it wouldve made a difference either knowing the sex ur just wrecked after giving birth and relieved its all over he couldve said " its a cat " :eek