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snowbear Posts: 2107
Hey there, how did all the pregnant wollies get on in Croke Park? Was there last night and thought it was out of this world... Bono looked blown away by the reaction of the crowd as well :o)ll :o)ll Saw loads of bumps... it was a lovely crowd all round actually, loads of families, pregnant women, all ages really. So what did the Wollies +1 think?
petunia Posts: 1626
Hi Miranda, I was there friday night and tbh im only recovered now from the whole experience!! I missed the warm ups but was in in plenty of time for the U2 boys. I LOVED the stage & lights (even if it was 270 not 360) and really enjoyed the whole show. Had to sit out some songs but was bopping around for most and I was sooo achey the next day :eek !! Nice crowd too, very varied, I was put to shame by a couple of, em, more mature ladies beside me who didnt sit down all night :-8
brunette Posts: 234
Hi girls I was at show last night and I too am exhausted. My feet are so swollen. I definitely overdid the bopping. Started to fade big time towards the end. To be honest we thought Bono was very subdued, he barely went near the ramp. Thought they played too many slow numbers also. Encore was disappointing too, felt they could have played a rocking old song and finished on 40. I love U2 so hate been critical :o( . Stage and lights sooo impressive though!
babaroo Posts: 329
I was there too !!! It was amazing and lovely to see that I wasnt the only one sporting a bump !!!! My babs rocked through the whole concert - Hes a fan already like his dad !!!! Am still exhausted from it :eek Babaroo *)
bubbalicious Posts: 330
Miranda, We were at U2 also and I have to say we had a terrific night. We were in a lovely seated area (with cushion seats!!!) and great view of the stage which was impressive. Consultant had told me not to dance, but of course I couldnt resist a little bop here and there!! :o0 :o0 I didnt see any other bumps myself but got alot of stares myself!! It wasnt too loud for me and the baby danced away with some of the slow songs!! Just a brilliant night!!! :lvs
goodie09 Posts: 192
Had a great time but boy was I exhausted the next day. We had to walk about 20 mins to the car after the concert. I spent the day on the sofa yesterday. Was worth it though!
Marpat Posts: 1784
Oh it was great. Every time I tried to sit down and take a little rest i had to jump up again. My hips were sore after the night! i thought it was a great variety of music. apparently he would out on the ramps much more on Friday night. My friend was at both and he was out a lot. don't know if it was the rain that was stopping him. He certainly did a lot less running about than previous concerts. Just getting older like the rest of us! Great to haer the Unforgettable Fire played at a gig. I can't remember hearing it before at a concert in Dublin but maybe I'm mistaken. I had no voice at the end of the night. Saw plenty of bumps. I don't have any bump but I was still knackered!!! Going tonight again. Can't wait.
mrs.july Posts: 3167
Wasn't there but heard Bono fell off the ramp Friday?? MAybe thats why he was avoiding it!!
funkyfish Posts: 7626
was there sat night was great, wrecked 2day! was bopping away all night was a big bump behind me she was taking it easy, i think i should have too baby as been quiet since
snowbear Posts: 2107
That certainly wasn't me, I didn't sit down all night!!! Wrecked yessterday but worth it... kept thinking the next time they play we'll need a baby sitter *) *) Child seemed happy enough although I played him some Lyric FM yesterday to redress the balance :o0