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elfen Posts: 244
Hi All I've seen a bit on this site recently about Udos Choice supplement. I just wondred if any ofyou have any experience taking it? Any results positive or negative.... feel like I need a little pick me up. Thanks ... Elfen
dolly Posts: 51
My boyfriend takes Udos oil as with a friend of mine. It is supposed to be really good - Essential Fatty acids. Clears up skin problems, good for digestion, joints etc. All the udos stuff seems to be v good. Hope that helps a little
cbs Posts: 704
Hi, I used the oil before, found it good.. Used to mix it in my yogurt or put it on my salad as a dressing with some lemon juice... Haven't bought it in awhile though...
Paul Hurley Posts: 179
[quote:2w8pnxkf]Put it on my salad as a dressing with some lemon juice... [/quote:2w8pnxkf] That's how I use it. Fair play to you putting it in your yoghurt though - not sure if my stomach could handle that! :o
Mrs Decemberbride Posts: 4337
horrible stuff... take it every morning but i hear good things about it so i keep on taking it in my morning flora drinks! it is meant to be wonderful stuff. that said i am having a big break out of spots so im hoping it gets worse before it gets better.