Ulster Bank - Paid Twice

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FinallyMrsM Posts: 899
Has this happened to anyone? Asking out of curiosity as it has happened to a few people where I live and most of them are lifting it. Apparently there are people making off with thousands :eek
mrswifey2012 Posts: 2042
I'm not with UB but, wow didn't realise this was happening! Feel very sorry for anyone with them atm, but don't think I'd accept being paid twice...think I'd rather make a point of moving banks and expressing my disproval with what's going.
cabbagehead Posts: 3899
Surely being paid twice is just another bank error or computer glitch? I wouldn't chance taking that money, your employer will be looking for it pretty sharpish I'd say.
ginger power Posts: 1632
Least your getting paid went in yesterday and im a week behind on everything, and when i asked any thing woman couldnt help me, so dont know if my direct debits are going out, its crazy its great that there all smiley in the branches but in fairness it should of being sorted by now, >:o(
FinallyMrsM Posts: 899
No, I haven't been paid twice but some people I know defo have and have lifted it. It's not compo but defo a bank error. Surely they will just treat it like an overdraft. I think what has happened is the technical side of things is allowing the transfers through but anyone who went to the bank to lift benefits, wages etc the manual side of things haven't showed yet that this money has been lifted already hence the duplicate payment. It was seem that transfers seem to be running 4 days behind electronically anyway. I was supposed to be paid today and no joy but I imagine from the way my friends and family's are I'll have it Tuesday or Wednesday.
ginger power Posts: 1632
i went onto online banking and i have got paid, the money i took out yesterday hasnt shown up yet but least i now know how much i have in my account, and my car insurance has being going out, and returned items on my debit card have gone back in, but on a serious note this really was a c*ck up on UB behalf and there should be some compo for the way it affected us, id say they will lose alot of customers over this, i myself wont change as its so much hassle but id say alot will :eek
geeklover Posts: 831
I think it's funny that people think they will get away with taking the money out that has gone in in error. The 'their mistake, they're not getting it back' won't wash with the bank so if people have the money spent they will be overdrawn once the system is rectified. In saying that I do believe that any customers who have been charged penalties by companies that DD's didn't go through to should be refunded by UB.
stupidname2013 Posts: 924
Didn't get paid twice, but did have a few payments go out twice. I'm pretty much up to date though - spoke to them yesterday and they said money should go back in this week. I think taking any money that's not yours is really silly, of course they'll come looking for it - it's STEALING!
puddin2 Posts: 1093
A credit went into my account twice around the 21st of June but it was corrected yesterday so would say all double payments will be rectified over the coming week. To take it out is just fooling themselves as the system will catch up and put them into an unnecessary overdraft which could take them a while to clear even if they're not charged interest or penalties.
FinallyMrsM Posts: 899
Yep, I think it's a pretty silly move myself but I heard there's loads at it around the Belfast area, people are taking 1000's :eek I got the double payment but am leaving it where it is. I can't afford to pay it back I've a wedding to pay for :o0