Ultrasound Dimensions in Blackrock

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summersurprise Posts: 1276
Hi Ladies, :stork: I just wanted to tell you all what a lovely experience we had yesterday with [b:251jlpjy]Ultrasound Dimensions in Blackrock[/b:251jlpjy], firstly when I called to make an appt, they were fully booked for the day we wanted but a cancellation came in and we got it, the receptionist was ever so helpful & polite with directions and so on and when we got there we had our anomally scan with Monica, I cant say enought about what a nice lady she was to us, we had a full detailed anomally scan which was so relaxing and she went through everything is such detail, we didnt want to know the gender of the baby and she didnt tell us, which we were delighted about, she pointed out exactly what she was doing and looking at and looking for, she put us totally at ease and at the end she gave us printed pictures and an additional disc with 2 videos of baby and a selection of pictures in 2d & 3d. [color=#000080:251jlpjy]I just want to give praise where praise is due and what a great service we were provided with there. [/color:251jlpjy] :wv
coconut Posts: 2183
yeah i agree with u!! Had scans done on my last pregnancy and an early scan on this one also going to get a 3d scan done at the end of the month!! They are so nice and helpful and really make u feel at easy!!
Daff Posts: 11644
+ a million. Have been for 4 scans there and all of them they were so good. Actually I must book my 12 week one with them tomorrow!
Gingham Posts: 3014
They are lovely and really professional. I had an early scan done with them on ds and they really took their time and we got some lovely photos...I went to another private scanning place on this pregnancy and was very dissapointed, was rushed in and out.
momof3 Posts: 510
Had scans here on both mine. Monica actually picked up a single umbilical artery which was missed in my public scan. Very professional in telling us there could b a problem and writing a report for our consulatant the nxt day. Hope we can afford to go again with this one
coconut Posts: 2183
Have to say am a bit upset with ultrasound dimensions, i had a scan booked for over a month it was meant to b sat wk as we are doing it as a wedding anniversary present to ourselves and have a lunch booked and all and they rang and cancelled as there machine is getting serviced and the times and dates didn't suit us!
Babyjoy2011 Posts: 15
Ah no Coconut, hope that they got back to you and sorted a better time out?? We have ours booked for Sunday-week, so hope their machine will be running again by then as we have a minder organised for DS
coconut Posts: 2183
Same as us so in the end we went with a different company!!!