uncomfortable pains in ribs?

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lisa Posts: 1612
I've been getting really uncomfortable pains in my ribs since the weekend which seem to be worst when I sit down. They seem to be fine when I lay flat or stand but this isnt always possible obviously. (my backside is now killing me from trying to sit so upright!) Has anyone any ways of helping these? Considered a hot water bottle but dont think I am supposed to use this when pregnant. Am only 20 weeks, dont think I can stick this for another 20. All advice welcome.
newone Posts: 1714
porshe Posts: 1359
I suffered so bad from this and unfortunately there is not quick fix I found a cold compress gave me some relief but couldnt use it too much as it upset babs, I am so sorry you are going through it but it does pass mine passed about 3 wks ago x
shellzey Posts: 185
I am the exact same. Have been in total agony the last two weeks. Fine when I am standing or lying down flat but brutal when sitting straight. So painful at work and driving. I have been close to tears a few times with it. I mentioned it at my hospital appointment and was told there is really nothing I could do, just walking around and stretching as much as possible and to take a paracetamol if got very painful! hope it eases off soon :wv
islandfun Posts: 3054
I found stretching my out ribcage helpful enough, just bringing your arms up over your head and stretching out for a minute or so might do the trick. I used a warm hot water bottle too, not hot just lukewarm. Wrap a towel around it and leave it for a little while. It won't be for another 20 weeks either, i had it very bad for a while but it was only for a few weeks.
lisa Posts: 1612
Thanks for that girls. Just going to have to put up with it. Yesterday was a good day and so far todays been good to although just sat down and it beginning to pinch! Ah well it'll be worth it in the end.
byebye Posts: 599
I had the same a few wks ago - very tight feeling around ribs!! It went after a week. Hope it eases for you
cheer bear bride Posts: 3731
I have this too when i lie on my left side, I dont think its the baby as he/she is still tucked down below my belly button....maybe Im underestimating the size of it and it could be going from below bellybutton right up to ribs?